Dr. Carmen Beltran

[![Cada – Official Music Video](](

**Title**: Cada – Official Music Video


Welcome to the official music video for “Cada” by Famasloop! This captivating visual masterpiece has been skillfully edited by Al Agua Cinema, C.A., with exceptional post-production work by Alexandra Zerpa. Luchy Estrada, the brilliant creative mind behind this project, has provided invaluable guidance throughout its development.

In this mesmerizing video, witness the extraordinary talent of Doctora Carmen Beltran, as she takes you on a captivating journey through the ups and downs of life. With her remarkable storytelling skills and undeniable stage presence, Carmen Beltran delivers a powerful performance that will leave you spellbound.

The team at Al Agua Cinema, led by the talented Luchy Estrada, has once again pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Together with Prisecilla Torres, David Alonso, and Diego Alcalde, they have expertly crafted a visual experience that perfectly complements Famasloop’s *Cada*.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary collaboration between masterful artists. Watch the official music video for “Cada” now!

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Editado por Al Agua Cinema, C.A. Postproducción : Alexandra Zerpa
Asesor Creativo: Luchy Estrada.
Tema: “Cada” Autor : Famasloop
Diana Beltrán

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