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**Welcome to Dragão Fashion Brasil! **

We were invited by TEXBrazil to attend Dragão Fashion Brasil, where we had the pleasure of seeing the amazing collection by renowned designer Aládio Marques. In this video, Marques also shared some valuable fashion tips that you won’t want to miss!

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**Video Transcript (Partial):**
“In this collection, my favorite piece is a sleeveless blazer with a longer sleeve on one side. It has a structured and elegant design, starting from the chest area. I always advise people to wear what makes them feel comfortable and confident. Don’t just follow trends blindly, invest in pieces that truly suit you. I’m here to guide you and provide the best fashion advice for your personal style.”

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Estuvimos en Dragão Fashion Brasil, invitados por TEXBrazil y vimos la colección de Aládio Marques, el diseñador nos dio algunos consejos!

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