Drawing of Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page: Beck’s Bolero

**Title: Nib Pen and Ink – A Tribute to Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck’s Legendary Friendship**

In this mesmerizing video, I pay homage to the incomparable guitar gods, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Both masters of their craft, Page and Beck have inspired countless musicians with their legendary talent and contributions to rock, metal, and blues.

Using a nib pen and ink, I bring to life a stunning portrait capturing the essence of their friendship and musical synergy. It took nearly 6 hours to create this masterpiece that showcases their mutual respect and shared passion for creating unforgettable music.

**Background Music:**
Beck’s Bolero-Truth 1968.

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Join me on this artistic journey as I celebrate the unparalleled talent and friendship between Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Don’t miss out on this captivating tribute that brings together the essence of two guitar gods. Witness the magic on screen now!

nib pen,ink.
almost 6hr.
Page/Beck are both my fav guitar gods.
I love then.
backgroud music:
Beck’s bolero-truth 1968.

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  1. @rockbeckpage honestly, I don't remember why i posted that comment. I just watched the video again and there's nothing wrong with it. I seriously Don't understand why i posted that shit. Nice drawing. This happens to me all the time =D

  2. I remember when I was 15 and discovering real music for the first time and listening to this song till my ears hurt or i fell asleep. awesome memories here

  3. Love…my 2 favorites..and I got to see both in the '60s…this is my favorite of Jeff;s off the Truth album…you cannot beat the British sound.
    Love the art!

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