Drawing with a ballpoint pen and mixed media in a realistic style.

# Colombian Wisdom: A Speed Drawing Tutorial with Ballpoint Pen, Pencils, and Graphite

In this captivating *speed drawing* tutorial, artist Joan Londoño shares his latest work of art titled *Colombian Wisdom*. Watch as he brings to life the wise teachings of his grandmother through his visual medium.

Measuring 50 x 35 cm or 19.7 x 13.8 inches, this stunning piece was created with a combination of ballpoint pen colored, colored pencils, and graphite on Durex paper. Joan’s mastery of techniques such as entramado and visual framework shine through as he skillfully illustrates a portrait of his maternal grandmother using ink and a multitude of shading methods.

But this tutorial isn’t just about admiring the artwork, Joan also shares tips and advisories for aspiring artists to follow. With a mix of Spanish and English, he provides insights into his artistic process as he creates a realistic portrait of his grandmother over time-lapse footage.

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Title of work: Colombian wisdom. This work was done with ballpoint pen colored, colored pencils and graphite on Durex paper. Measurements: 50 x 35 cm or 19,7″ x 13,8″ inches. Author: Joan Londoño.

This was a very special day, my grandmother gave me lessons of life and spirit, to hear it is always a pleasure.

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Nicolás Londoño

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