Dream On with Fonda Clark Haight: Pain Killers – A Special Bonus

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Welcome to this special “Pop up” video by Fonda Clark Haight, created for participants of her Dream On mixed media workshop. In this video, Fonda explores the power of using your creative practice to envision, focus, and create the life you dream of. We’ve decided to share this video with a wider audience, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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For years, Fonda Clark Haight has been a strong advocate of creating Vision Boards, Dream Boards, and Journey boards. She believes that this act of creativity helps you to truly focus on your desires, especially the ones that matter most to you. These boards serve as a visual roadmap, guiding you towards where you want to put your focus. By delving into the details of your desired life, you send a powerful message to the universe about your desires. Without this focus, it becomes incredibly difficult to achieve the life you truly want.

In this video, Fonda takes a moment to address the importance of not just focusing on what you want, but also acknowledging and letting go of the things that no longer serve you. She shares her own personal experiences and invites viewers to participate in a quick exercise. Whether you are participating in her workshop or not, Fonda encourages you to explore the things you don’t want to carry into the new year. While we often set resolutions and goals for ourselves, we rarely take the time to acknowledge and address what we don’t want. Fonda explains that this exercise will help to eliminate resistance and create space for growth and transformation.

In the video, Fonda highlights four specific areas she personally wants to let go of in 2020:

1. **Painkillers:** Focusing on the things that help us avoid or numb our pain only prolongs the need for change. By embracing the pain and using it as a catalyst for transformation, true growth can occur.

2. **Screen Time Addiction:** Spending excessive time mindlessly scrolling through endless online content can be detrimental to our creativity and overall well-being. Fonda shares her struggles and encourages viewers to be conscious of their screen time habits.

3. **Unconscious TV Watching:** Mindlessly binge-watching television shows without intention or purpose can become a way of escaping reality. Fonda urges viewers to be mindful of their TV-watching habits and find a balance between conscious consumption and relaxation.

4. **Living in the Future:** Constantly dwelling in the future can prevent us from fully experiencing the present moment. Fonda aims to let go of worrying about the future and embrace the power of being present in each moment.

Join Fonda Clark Haight as she dives deeper into these topics and shares her personal insights. By identifying and releasing what no longer serves us, we can create space for new possibilities and intentionally craft the life we desire.

To learn more about Fonda Clark Haight and her Dream On Workshop, visit her website [Art is Magic Online]( Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into your creative potential and create the life of your dreams!

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This is a little bonus “Pop up” video that Fonda Clark Haight made for the participants of her Dream On mixed media workshop exploring using your creative practice to help envision, focus and create the life that you are dreaming into. We decided to share it wider- EnJoy

“For years I’ve been creating Vision Boards, Dream Boards and Journey boards for myself. I believe that the act of creating a vision board forces you to focus on your desires and particularly the ones that matter most to you. It’s a container for the map of where you want to put your focus. There is a big power in focusing in on the details of where you want to go and what you want to feel and pull into your life. The choices you make represent a message to the universe about your desires. It’s awfully hard to end up where we want to be without some focus. By creating a dream/vision board and looking at it every day…we are creating a consistent visualization every time we look at it.”Haight

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  1. Girl watching this video was scary, sounded like a repeat of the talk I had with my self last weekend.
    Im very close to a major life crossroad and am second guessing instead of going with the gut… gut has never lead me astray.

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