Dynamic Duo: Power Yoga with Lauren Eckstrom & Travis Eliot

**Title:** Double Trouble Power Yoga Class with Travis and Lauren | Full 60-Minute Vinyasa Flow

**Description:** Join Travis and Lauren for this dynamic and energizing power yoga class that will challenge and invigorate practitioners of all levels. Experience a fun and strong flow followed by a sweet cool down. Get ready to double the trouble and double the fun on the mat!

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**Programs mentioned in the video:**

– [7 Days of Meditation]( – A FREE online course by Lauren Eckstrom
– [Online Restorative Yoga Training]( – Dive deep into the practice of restorative yoga
– [Initiating The Mother: A 40-Week Prenatal Yoga + Meditation Program]( – A comprehensive program for expectant mothers
– [Mom On The Go: A 28-Day Postnatal Yoga Series]( – Get back into shape after giving birth with this series
– [Journey to Yoga: 10 Days of Connection]( – Explore the foundations of yoga in just 10 days
– [Yoga 30 for 30]( – Challenge yourself with a 30-day program of daily 30-minute yoga practices
– [Meditation 101]( – Learn the basics of meditation in a 28-day program
– [Yoga for Beginners]( – An introductory 28-day program to get started with yoga

Explore the world of power yoga with this invigorating 60-minute practice led by Travis and Lauren. This full-body vinyasa flow will build strength, increase flexibility, and leave you feeling revitalized. Don’t miss out on this powerful and uplifting class!

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*Transcript of the video:*

Hey guys, this is Lauren Eckstrom, and I am thrilled to share this very special class with you. It’s called Double Trouble, and I co-teach it with my husband Travis Elliott. You can check out his channel for more amazing content. But before you do that, make sure to click the link below to access Inner Dimension TV, our online streaming platform for yoga, meditation, and personal growth. We have more classes like this, as well as an entire 30-day program that we co-teach. And the best part is, when you join, you’ll receive your first 10 days entirely for free. Enjoy this practice and let’s get started!

*Note: The original transcript has been condensed for readability and clarity.*


In this all level power yoga class prepare for double trouble facilitated by both Travis and Lauren. If you are looking for a fun, strong flow with a sweet cool down then this is the perfect class!


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“7 Days of Meditation” FREE online course

“Online Restorative Yoga Training”

“Initiating The Mother: A 40-Week Prenatal Yoga + Meditation Program”

“Mom On The Go: A 28-Day Postnatal Yoga Series”

“Journey to Yoga: 10 Days of Connection”

“Yoga 30 for 30” – A 30 day program/30 minutes a day

“Meditation 101” – A 28 day mindfulness program

“Yoga for Beginners” – A 28 day introduction to yoga
Laura Laurens

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Written by Lauren Eckstrom


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  1. Hi Travis, thank you so much for this beautiful class. You have a beautiful wife, and indeed this was double trouble at its best!!!!! You rock man and your podcast is super. Thank you for empowering us

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