Economical Colombian Makeup using Natalia Julia x Naila Londoño Collaboration

**Welcome to our channel!** In this video, we bring you a makeup tutorial using Colombian beauty products in collaboration with our friend Natalia Julia. We hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to like, comment, and share.

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## Products used:

– Total 6 Vogue Total Effect Foundation in “Petal”
– Vogue Natural Matte Compact Powder in “Trigueño”
– Dolce Bella Concealer Stick in “02”
– Mirely Eyeshadow Palette in shades:
– Beige
– Chocolate
– Salmón
– Gold
– Beige Pearl
– Mirely Black Eyeliner Pencil
– Bardot Maxi Curve Mascara
– Mirely Dark Brown Eyebrow Gel
– Samy Trio Eyeshadow Contour in “14 Café Básico”
– Raquel Shea Butter Blush in “4 Mandarin”
– Mirely Beige Pearl Highlighter
– Vogue Color Maniac Lipstick in “Pastel de Chocolate y Azúcar”

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Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. Welcome back to my channel. I’m so excited to be here with you today, bringing you a new video. And this time, it’s a special collaboration with my friend Natalia from Natalia Julia’s channel. I’ll let her introduce herself in the style of my channel.

“Hi, I’m Natalia Julia, and today I’m really happy to be here. I admire Naila so much, and I invite you all to check out her videos and also to visit my channel. I’ll be showing you how to create this makeup look using 100% Colombian beauty products. Even if you’re not from Colombia, you can still get inspired by this look. So, I’ll be waiting for you there.”

We decided to collaborate by creating makeup looks using only Colombian beauty products. If you want to see which products Natalia used, I’ll leave the link to her video in the description. Make sure to check it out and support her by subscribing to her channel. I’ll also provide links to my Instagram, Facebook, and all my social media accounts, so you can follow me and stay in touch. Additionally, I’ll include the link to my previous video where I reviewed the Yuya lipsticks. If you’re new here, I invite you to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be notified whenever I upload a new video. So, let’s get started.

For the base, I’m using the Vogue Total Effect 6 foundation in the shade “Petal.” I’ll apply dots all over my face and then blend it with a brush. To set the foundation, I’m using the Vogue Natural Matte Compact Powder in “Trigueño”. I love how lightweight it feels on my skin. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Next, I’ll apply the Dolce Bella concealer stick in the shade “02” all over my eyelids and blend it with tapping motions. I prefer using a creamy concealer like this because it provides better adherence and pigmentation for eyeshadows.

For the eyeshadow, I’ll be using the Mirely Eyeshadow Palette. First, I’ll take the light yellow shade and apply it all over my lids to set the concealer. This will make it easier to blend the eyeshadows later. Then, I’ll take the dark plum shade and apply it along my lower lash line and in the crease, blending it outwards for a subtle cat-eye effect. I really love the pigmentation and ease of application with these Mirely eyeshadows. If you’re interested in trying them, you can use my code “nailalondono” for a 10% discount. I’ll leave the link to their website in the description, where you can find a variety of shades and colors.

Continuing with the eyeshadow, I’ll take the matte orange shade and apply it on the outer half of my eyelid with a flat brush.

Now, I’ll use the golden shade to highlight my inner corners, blending it into the orange shade for a seamless transition. I’ll also apply the shimmering yellow shade underneath my brow bone as a highlight.

For my eyebrows, I’ll be using the Mirely Dark Brown Eyebrow Gel from their collection. I really like this product because it’s highly pigmented and easy to work with.

Moving on to eyeliner, I’ll be using the Mirely Black Eyeliner Pencil. I’ll apply it on my upper and lower waterlines and create a thin, subtle winged liner to enhance my lashes. I’ll blend it out slightly with an angled brush.

To complete the eye makeup, I’ll be using the Bardot Maxi Curve Mascara. I’ll apply it to my lashes, focusing on the outer corners to achieve a lifted effect.

For contouring, I’m using the Samy Trio Eyeshadow Contour in “Café Básico.” I’ll apply it to my cheeks, jawline, and forehead to add dimension.

I’ll add some color to my cheeks using the Raquel Shea Butter Blush in the shade “Mandarin.” It gives a beautiful natural flush to the skin.

To highlight, I’ll go back to the Mirely Eyeshadow Palette and use the shade “Beige Pearl” with a fan brush. You can see how it adds a beautiful glow to the high points of my face.

Finally, for the lips, I’ll be using the Vogue Color Maniac Lipstick in the shade “Pastel de Chocolate y Azúcar.” To soften the color, I’ll apply the shade “Azúcar” on top.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this makeup look, whether you’ve used these products or similar ones. Let me know how it worked for you. Also, if you have any suggestions for other products or looks you’d like me to try, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Hola chicas! Hoy les traigo este maquillaje con productos colombianos en colaboración con mi amiga Natalia Julia, espero les guste! Un beso y abrazo gigante. ⇣⇣ABREME⇣⇣




Reseña: Base liquida de Samy



-Base efecto total 6 Vogue, tono pétalo.
-Polvo compacto mate natural Vogue, tono trigueño.
-Base para sombras, corrector en barra Dolce bella, tono 02.
-Sombras Mirely tonos:
-beige pearl
-Lápiz delineador negro Mirely.
-Pestañina maxi curve Bardot.
-Betún de cejas Mirely, tono dark brown.
-Contorno: trio de sombra Samy, tono 14 café básico.
-Rubor con karité Raquel, tono 4 mandarin.
-Iluminador, sombra Mirely, tono beige pearl.
-Labial color maniac Vogue, tono pastel de chocolate y azúcar.


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  1. Hola Naila, muy lindo el maquillaje y económico mucho mejor , explica un mejor lo del codigo para el descuento en la paleta, intente ingresar tu nombre y no me funciono, es asi?

  2. Me encanta tus vídeos Naila, eres la mejor! Amo que todos los productos porqué son colombianos y los puedo adquirir fácilmente! 😍😋😣 Saludos y que estés bien! 😍

  3. Me encanto, esos tonos 😚 quedaste divina 😍 fue muy bonito y me encanta la manera creativa de maquillaje, reutilizar un mismo producto para varios usos es genial. ❤

  4. Hola Naila,soy de Cúcuta,tambien soy diseñadora y me gustan tus vídeos, me gustaría que hicieras un video maquillandote solo con productos del dolce bella,he visto que hay un sellador de maquillaje y me gustaria saber si es bueno o no,porfa haz un video,Besos

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