Ellie May’s Costume-a-Day #8: Halloween Embellishments with Screen Stencils | From dearjuliejulie

### Halloween Embellishments: Screen Stencils Tutorial | DIY Junk Journal Embellishments

Join me, Julie, as I show you how to create stunning Halloween embellishments using screen stencils from Recollections. These stencils are perfect for adding fine details to your projects. Stick around till the end of the video to see the finished costume for Day 8! Enjoy the tutorial and let’s get crafting!

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#### Video Transcript:
Hi everybody, it’s Julie! Today, I want to share with you these amazing screen stencils I found at Michael’s. I managed to snag them at 60% off and they are absolutely fascinating. These screen stencils provide a delicate transfer, allowing for fine details in your projects. Watch me work with these stencils to create stunning Halloween embellishments!

First, I’m going to use a coffee-dyed tag as my base. I’ve already chosen the skeleton and the tombstone stencils. Let’s start by stamping the tombstone. I find that applying more pressure at the edges gives a better ink transfer. To avoid any ink bleeding, placing a piece of paper outside the stencil would be helpful.

Now, let’s move on to the skeleton. I’m using the antique linen ink for a subtle look. The stencil material has a sticky backing, which helps with alignment. After transferring the ink through the screen, I noticed a need for more pressure compared to traditional stencils. Also, I recommend having more space around the stencil to prevent ink from going outside the lines.

Check out the finished result in my haunted house book. I also created a tag with a scrapbook paper that has other elements. It’s such a fun idea! Imagine combining a stamp or stencil of a person behind the tombstone for a spooky effect.

I also used a reverse image stencil for the coffin, but unfortunately, it’s missing from my stash. These screen stencils require precision due to the delicate lines. Adding a scrap paper or expanding the stencil’s outer edge would help contain the ink.

In my upcoming grateful books, I’ll be using another set of these screen stencils by Martha Stewart. The level of detail these stencils offer is impressive, thanks to the screen backing. I can’t wait to create more beautiful designs with them!

But before that, let’s move on to our daily costume reveal! Today, I dressed up as Ellie Mae. Watch as I show off my crazy blonde wig, pigtails with bows, rolled-up jeans, and a rope belt. These costumes not only showcase creativity but are also comfortable to work in. Let me know what you think about this costume and leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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Make with me using the screen stencils from recollections… Fine details… at the end of the video you will see costume for day 8!!! Enjoy!!! *julie…
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  1. Ellie Mae is a great costume. LOVE the screen stencils; first I"ve heard/seen of them. Love how delicate they are. Would love to see the MS florals. Such a neat tag, with the skeleton and the tombstone. Love the cat with the coffin too. TFS!

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