Enchanting October in Salem, MA: Embrace the Dark at the Endless Night Vampire Ball, Blackcraft, Coven, Wynott’s & Hollowed

**Hello spooky babes!** Welcome to our long-awaited vlog! Finally, we had a chance to sit down and piece together this exciting video of our time in Salem, Massachusetts – the ultimate destination for spooky season and haunted happenings. Get ready for a thrilling adventure filled with Halloween vibes and blackcraft wonders!

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In this vlog, we take you along as we explore the enchanting streets of Salem. You’ll get a glimpse of the magical decorations at our friend Aaron’s place, who graciously hosted us during our stay. From eerie rat sculptures to our favorite Stranger Things references, her place is an absolute delight! And speaking of delights, wait until you see the stunning makeup looks we’ll be rocking for the vampire ball at the endless night event.

Throughout our weekend, we encounter fascinating individuals and encounter the unique charm that only Salem can offer. Keep an eye out for appearances by famous friends, including Jess, as we soak up the atmosphere of this bewitching town.

We kick off the day with a late start, allowing us to recharge after a fun-filled night. Our first stop: Essex, where we indulge in a delicious meal. And of course, we had to capture some amazing content with our giant witch hat. It’s almost October, so it’s the perfect time to rock this look!

Another highlight of this vlog is our stunning mirrored effect nails. We’re obsessed with the cat-eye effect and can’t wait to show you how fabulous they look.

But that’s not all, folks! Get ready for an exclusive peek into the vampire ball. Dressed in our glamorous attire, we’re prepared for a night full of energy and excitement. You won’t want to miss our festive outfits, complete with leather jackets and black hats!

So grab your cauldron, rally your vampire crew, and join us on this thrilling journey through Salem. Make sure to stay tuned for our upcoming videos, as we have endless adventures and surprises in store for you this Halloween season.


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Hello spooky babes! This is a long awaited vlog! Finally had a second to sit down and get this vlog pieced together and I love ittttt xo

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  1. Dude, this trip was epic, hope you have plans to go back this year. Mass is so awesome, you can really take it all in. A bit more challenging when it’s 90 degrees all of the time.

  2. I just realized my comment never posted on this one😫
    I must know what polish that is because it’s so beautiful 😻 like the brand and color😬 💜💚🖤

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