English Tutorial: Crochet Suzette Earwarmer/Hairband with a Twist using ICE YARNS

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Welcome to my channel where I share tutorials and creative projects! In this video, I will be showing you how to make a beautiful headband/ear warmer using the Wool Bulky Glitz yarn.

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Hi, and welcome to my channel.

ICE Yarns

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  1. Just made this headband with yarn I had in my stash but now I’m going to order the yarn you used by using the link you provided. So pretty and fun to make. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Siem…This was an absolutely beautiful twisted earwarmer and so easy to follow because you are such a patient wonderful teacher …Love you so much and Love your work❤

  3. beautiful! i don't really know how to crochet..i just follow along with you tube videos…..your video was so easy to follow!! and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!! i have one question..i took it apart a few times before committing to it. the chain always seems to be tight..then as i work my way out…I'm not sure if i pick up an extra stitch and it becomes bigger? its not exactly works:) the tighter chain opening..i wear close to my forehead, then the other end towards the back of my head..any idea what I am doing wrong?? sorry if i am not using proper terms!! i am new at this;)

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