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**Title:** Sara Pedrozo – “La Quiero a Morir” (Final) | The Voice Kids 2022 | Music TV

[Subscribe]( to Sara Pedrozo’s channel and discover more amazing performances by this talented artist. In this short video, Sara impresses with her rendition of Francis Cabrel’s “Je l’aime à mourir.” Don’t miss out on this incredible performance!

[Watch the full video here]( and let Sara wow you with her powerful vocals. Experience the passion and emotion in every note as she captures the hearts of the audience.

Looking for more fantastic videos by Sara Pedrozo? Check out [this playlist]( for a collection of her mesmerizing performances.

Get ready to be moved by Sara’s exceptional talent, as she showcases her vocal prowess on the renowned show, The Voice Kids. Stay tuned for more breathtaking auditions and captivating moments you don’t want to miss.

To add a touch of Mexican musical flair, Sara also performs “Malagueña Salerosa.” Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms and passionate melodies with this enchanting song. If you’re looking to add this beautiful masterpiece to your collection, check out the [Malagueña Salerosa album]( on Amazon.

Join us in celebrating talent from around the world and support Sara’s journey. #TheVoiceKids #MusicTV #SaraPedrozo #LaQuieroAMorir #MalagueñaSalerosa

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LA QUIERO A MORIR FINAL Francis Cabrel – Je l’aime à mourir | #music #tv #estrenos #thevoice #thevoicekids
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