Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Senior Managers Regime: On-Demand Webinar

**Watch our on-demand webinar on the FCA Senior Managers Regime**
Welcome to our on-demand webinar on the new FCA Senior Managers Regime. In this webinar, we have gathered a panel of industry leaders to discuss the impact of the new regime and share best practices for remaining compliant. Our discussion covers topics such as global HR, the importance of employee background screening, and the role of HR and legal departments in ensuring compliance.

**Panel Guests**
– Steve Girdler, Managing Director of the Emir and APAC region for Hireright Inc.
– Simon Hills, Executive Director from the British Bankers Association.
– Keith Pardoe, Head of Portfolio Management and Strategy at Lloyds Banking Group.
– Christopher Robinson, Partner in the Financial Institutions Disputes Group at Freshfields.
– Simon Thompson, Chief Executive of the Chartered Bankers Institute.

**Ensuring Compliance and Handling Screening Issues**
One of the main tasks for banks and companies in the financial services industry is to ensure that their staff comply with the Senior Managers Regime. This includes implementing clear communication from legal and compliance as well as HR departments, outlining the expectations for each individual based on their position within the organization. Additionally, regular screening procedures should be conducted to identify any inaccuracies in CVs or other potential issues. In the event that issues are found, they should be swiftly addressed and decisions should be made transparently and fairly.

**Record-Keeping and Mitigating Circumstances**
A key aspect of compliance with the Senior Managers Regime is proper record-keeping. Banks should have the right records and processes in place to ensure ongoing compliance. In the event that issues are uncovered during screening, individuals should be given the opportunity to explain any mitigating circumstances. It is important to address these issues quickly and fairly in order to maintain compliance and accountability.

**Integrating the New Regime into Existing Governance Frameworks**
To ensure that the new regime is fully integrated into existing governance frameworks, banks should update their management responsibility maps and ensure that changes to structures and personnel are reflected in HR systems. This will help ensure a smooth transition and compliance with regulatory requirements. Documentation is also a key aspect of compliance, and banks should ensure that all necessary documents are in place, properly checked, stored, and easily retrievable to demonstrate full compliance with regulations.

For more information on the FCA Senior Managers Regime and best practices for compliance, watch our on-demand webinar with Financial News Custom Studio [here](link-to-video).

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Watch our on-demand webinar with Financial News Custom Studio on the new FCA Senior Managers Regime. Our panel of industry leaders discuss its impact so far and best practices to remain compliant.Christopher Bates

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