Entrevista a Carolina Agudelo en el Círculo de la Moda de Bogotá 2012

**Title:** Exciting Interview with Carolina Agudelo from the University of Los Andes on Fashion and Design

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In this insightful interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Carolina Agudelo, the coordinator of the Textiles and Clothing Department at the prestigious University of Los Andes. We discussed various topics related to the fashion industry, including the fashion circle, Colombian fashion, the University of Los Andes, and runway shows.

Carolina shared interesting insights about the Society of Collections showcased at the Circle of Love event. These collections are the result of the hard work and dedication of students specializing in textile and clothing media at the university’s Design Department. The collections represent the culmination of their studies, and many of them come from the finalization course called Study 6.

Unlike following trends, the students at the University of Los Andes focus on narrative and direction in their designs. Each of the seven collections in the event represents a unique lifestyle and is comprised of three distinct outfits. The collections are inspired by personal narratives that bring out the best in each design.

One of the standout collections is called “Rebeca,” created by Verónica Rojas, Angélica Martínez, and Daniela Villa. This collection tells the story of a 14-year-old girl living in Mississippi, USA. Despite dreaming of a white dress, her life is tragically cut short by the strong presence of racism in her community. The collection beautifully represents her dreams and spirit as she becomes an angel after her untimely death.

The collaboration between the University of Los Andes and the Fashion Circle is truly remarkable. Over the past four years, the university has been presenting its collections at this event. The decision to hold the event at Park 93 adds a new level of prestige and brings it in line with international fashion weeks. This partnership demonstrates the Fashion Circle’s dedication to showcasing emerging talent and making fashion more accessible to everyone.

We are delighted to have had Carolina Agudelo share her insights with us. Don’t miss this fantastic interview that provides a behind-the-scenes look into the world of fashion and design at the University of Los Andes.

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Síguenos para no perderte el mejor contenido! Entrevista a Carolina Agudelo coordinadora de área de textiles y vestuario de la Universidad de Los Andes
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