Episode 10 of Coven In The Country: Constructing a Mobile Table

## Coven In The Country Episode 010: Building Tables for a Traveling Merchant Setup

Welcome to Coven In The Country Episode 010! In this week’s episode, Yggi from The Wanderers Wyrd guild builds some new tables to enhance his traveling merchant setup. The tables are designed to be both functional and space-saving, allowing for easy storage of merchandise during transportation.

The Wanderers Wyrd is a guild of artisans and merchants specializing in medieval and occultic wares. They are known for their craftsmanship and dedication to their craft. Join them in their new DIY series, Coven in the Country, where they share their knowledge and skills through home, farm, and garden DIY projects, as well as crafting tips and handmade tutorials.

In this episode, Yggi showcases his DIY table building project. The tables feature a live pine top finish and storage space inside. Yggi shares his cost-effective approach to the build, utilizing scrap materials and minimal purchases. He goes through the step-by-step process, including cutting, assembling, staining, and adding the final touches like wheels and a door.

Check out the full episode transcript for detailed instructions and valuable tips for creating your own versatile and practical tables for your merchant setup. Whether you’re a traveling merchant or simply looking to optimize your space, this DIY project is definitely worth a watch!

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– Joshua Niemeyer: [Instagram](, [Etsy](
– Rose of Aquabun: [Twitter](, [Instagram](, [Etsy](
– Yggi Zadok: [Instagram](, [Etsy](

## About The Wanderers Wyrd

The Wanderers Wyrd is a guild of artisans and merchants specializing in medieval and occultic wares. They are passionate about their crafts and are dedicated to providing high-quality and unique products to their customers. From leather costume armors and handcrafted chainmaille jewelry to whimsical watercolor paintings, The Wanderers Wyrd offers a wide range of items for those with a taste for the extraordinary.

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– Etsy: [The Wanderers Wyrd](

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Coven In The Country Episode 010: This week Yggi builds some new tables to improve his traveling merchant setup before vending at Magic City Con in Alabama this weekend!

We are the Wanderers Wyrd, a guild of artisans and merchants of medieval and occultic wares and trades. Coven in the Country is our new DIY series focusing on both home, farm, and garden DIY projects as well as crafting tips and handmade tutorials.

The Wanderers Wyrd:
Audrey Ross
Lover of nature and adventure, leather costume armorer, and stylist
Instagram: @forestwraith
Joshua Niemeyer
Handcrafted chainmaille jewelry and leather costume armor crafter
Instagram: @thegrimringer
Rose of Aquabun
Professional watercolor artist specializing in whimsical, fantasy animal paintings.
Twitter/Instagram: @aquabunart
Yggi Zadok
Traveling merchant of antiques and occultic curiosities
Instagram: @wandrr_wares

Harp music featured in our videos is by Rose of Aquabun! Check out her channel for more videos of her harp playing!

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