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**YouTube Video Title:** Discovering Self-Love Through Introspection and Healing

**Video Description:**

Welcome back to my channel! I’m Mega Paulina, and I’m thrilled to be back with you. In this video, I’ll be discussing the importance of self-love and the power of introspection.

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Through my own personal experiences, client testimonies, and extensive research, I’ve discovered the profound impact of loving ourselves before seeking love from others. It is crucial to take the time to connect with ourselves, find solace in silence, and truly understand our inner being.

In this video, I will share my journey of rediscovering and healing my inner child, an emotional aspect that went unnoticed for years. Through dedicated self-reflection, I’ve uncovered deep-seated pain, perceptions, and behaviors that had harmed me on multiple levels. By addressing these issues head-on, I’ve initiated the healing process and restored a sense of wholeness within myself.

I understand that this journey isn’t easy, as it requires immense energy and time. However, by embracing our higher selves and deepening our self-awareness, we can navigate the darkest tunnels and arrive at a brighter destination.

While I’ve been away from this platform, I’ve prioritized self-care and inner growth. Each video I create comes from a place of authenticity, as I believe in sharing experiences that resonate with others who are on a similar path of self-discovery and awakening.

My channel doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but I strive to offer insights based on my personal experiences, client encounters, and extensive research. I feel it’s important to share the lessons I’ve learned and the wisdom I’ve gained in hopes of inspiring and supporting those who resonate with my journey.

Originally, this channel featured regular content with a format that combined storytelling and reflections. As a passionate writer, I’ve always found solace in crafting stories. In fact, I’ve fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming a novelist, with three books already published through my own publishing company, La Libreria Editorial. Soon, I’ll be sharing more about this exciting venture and offering ways for you to participate and engage with my work.

Additionally, I discuss the significance of recognizing and nurturing our inherent gifts and talents. It is through honing these abilities that we can live a purposeful life aligned with our true calling.

Thank you for your constant support and understanding during my hiatus. Your encouraging messages have been heartwarming and have motivated me to return to this platform. Please remember that the content I share is a reflection of my personal journey, and I strive to practice what I preach.

If you resonate with the concepts discussed in this video, I invite you to like, share, and subscribe. And don’t forget to hit the notification bell to stay updated with my latest uploads. Together, let’s embark on a journey of self-love, healing, and personal growth.


Hola. Feliz de estar de vuelta. Un beso.

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Música y guitarras: Nicolás Ortiz
Voz: María Paulina Mejía
Paulina Ortiz

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  1. Tanto tiempo sin saber de ti amiga que gusto saber que está bien de salud, que regalo tan bello el paisaje y los sonidos saludos y bendiciones a todos sus animalitos jofiela e Igor principalmente y UD. Amiga un abrazo muy fuerte.

  2. hace unas semanas atrás vi unos vídeos de usted y me encantaron , que bueno que ya está de regreso me da muchísimo gusto,me ayudan mucho estas hermosas pláticas y lo bello de el lugar donde vive, saludos y abrazos desde Monterrey México

  3. María Paulina volverte a oír es paz para mi corazón, de verdad que me ayudas muchísimo con tus videos, me alegra mucho que vuelvas a estar aquí ♥️✨🌿

  4. Tengo un trabajo que no amo. Me encanta las plantas, trabajar con ellas y sanar con ellas. Estoy buscando respuesta para saber como hacer lo que conecta con mi alma .Gracias por tus palabras

  5. Me encanta tu casa en medio de la naturaleza y todos tus amiguitos que viven contigo le pido aDios y al universo un lugar así para vivir lo deseo !!tanto!!! Gracias por compartirnos tus vídeos, me visualizo ahí contigo y lo disfruto mucho🙏🙏💛💛

  6. Necesitaba estas palabras, muchas gracias por el mensaje, ya se me está repitiendo mucho de hecho, vivir. 🙏🏻❤️ Que bueno que estas de vuelta.

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