Etam makes a splash in Saint-Tropez

Etam presents beach looks for 2023 in Saint-Tropez fashion show

French lingerie company Etam presented its summer show on 11 May in Saint-Tropez to showcase its beach looks for 2023. Around 200 guests enjoyed the festival atmosphere on the quai de la Pesquière as approximately 50 models paraded in an array of colours, including red, pink, blue, neon green, black, white and silver, accompanied by a playlist of remixed pop classics. Accessories adorned some of the bikinis and bodysuits, including belts, buckles and chains. The final event featured an impromptu dance among the guests, followed by an after-party at Café Sénéquier.

Etam used the 2023 show to reveal a collaboration with glassmakers from the New York collective Home in Heven. The glass artisans crafted several sparkling additions, such as snakes winding around the models’ breasts, for some of the swimwear.

The lingerie brand held its first cruise show in Corsica last year and has now opted for an iconic French location, with guests travelling by train. According to Laurent Milchior, Etam’s general manager and group director, Saint-Tropez currently has a high profile for a French beach resort. Milchior believes the resort will help establish the brand prior to the launch of its first American boutique in Miami in July, which Etam hopes will mark the start of a major expansion in the US.

Etam intends to open two other shops in the US by the end of the year. These stores will complement the dozen corners it already has at Nordstrom, which are showing promising sales. The French label previously entered the American market last year. It introduced 660 stores in France, and began to open in Mexico where five new shops are expected to appear in 2023.

Although the company did not perform as well in 2021 as it did in 2019, with less than €600m in annual sales, it aims to increase its sales by holding events such as the St Tropez fashion show. Etam plans to continue making its targeted consumers’ dreams come true by producing affordable fashion lines, with the introduction of more up-market fashion offerings, eye-catching accessories and consistently effective marketing and communication expenses. Benjamin Durant-Servoingt, who became the company’s deputy CEO in February, stated that people are becoming more selective in their spending and, therefore, their purchasing habits must be prompted.

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Written by Steve Barth

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