Eternal Tears – Deacon Lucas Magalhães

**Title:** A Profound Thirst for God: Understanding the Longing of the Soul


Are you thirsty for God? In this eye-opening video, we delve into the longing of David’s soul and how it resonates with anyone who truly knows the Lord. Through the powerful words of the transcript, we explore David’s deep desire for the presence of God, his reliance on His mercy, and the significance of worshiping in His house.

As we navigate through the difficult context of David’s life in exile, we draw parallels to the challenging times we face today. From the limitations brought upon us by a tiny, imperceptible virus to the extended durations of spiritual desolation and the soul’s quarantine, this video offers profound insights and encouragement.

With references to the predicament of being physically restricted from gathering in God’s house, we reflect upon the impact it has had on our lives and the greater importance it has assumed during these times of tribulation. We discuss the longing for God’s presence, the significance of prayer, and the importance of genuine worship.

Join us as we explore and seek a deeper understanding of what it truly means to have a thirst for God. Through this powerful exposition, we hope to rekindle the flame of yearning for His presence in the hearts of believers, inspiring them to approach their daily lives with a renewed passion and commitment to spiritual growth.

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Você tem sede de Deus? Assista a essa exposição baseado naquilo que era o anseio da alma de Davi e é o de todo aquele que conhece ao Senhor.
Lucas Magalhães

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