Evan Biddell’s Autumn Collection of 2008

### **FASHION Interviews Evan Biddell about his Fall Collection | Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2008**
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In this exclusive interview, FASHION talks to renowned designer Evan Biddell about his highly anticipated Fall Collection showcased at Toronto Fashion Week 2008. Biddell’s unique style and creative vision have captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Watch as Biddell shares his journey in the world of fashion, from his humble beginnings to becoming a respected name in the industry. Discover his inspirations, his design process, and the iconic pieces that make up his collection.

Biddell’s Fall Collection draws inspiration from Japanime power women, combining bold colors with a touch of darkness. The result is a playful and youthful collection with a hint of mystery, capturing the essence of the modern woman.

During the interview, Biddell also discusses the importance of knowing when to stop designing and move on to the next piece. From his collaboration with Wayne Clark to the freedom of creating at his own pace, Biddell provides a fascinating glimpse into his creative process.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Evan Biddell, a true visionary in the world of fashion. Tune in now to get an insider’s look at his Fall Collection that took Toronto Fashion Week by storm.

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FASHION interviews Evan Biddell about his fall collection.Lucian Matis.

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