Evening Skincare Routine at 39: Embracing the Power of the Moonlight

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Hey, I’m Lauren O’Connell and welcome back to my channel! Today, I’ll be sharing my evening skincare routine for my 39-year-old skin. Time flies, doesn’t it? If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated with all my skincare tips and routines.

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Before we begin, let me tell you about the products I’ll be using in this video. You can find all of them on [Shop My Shelf]( Make sure to check them out!

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For more skincare tips and advice, you can also read my column in [Cosmopolitan Middle East magazine]( and my skincare blogs for [Dr. Jason Emer]( These sources provide a wealth of information on skincare and beauty.

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Please note that this video is not sponsored. I have personally purchased all the products shown and used in this routine. Some links in this description are affiliate links.

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For more information on skincare ingredients, cosmetic science, and intelligent beauty tips, visit these trusted sources:

– [Healthline](
– [Paula’s Choice](
– [Truth In Aging](
– [EWG](
– [Incidecoder](
– [Cosmetic Analysis](

Thank you for watching, and I hope you find this skincare routine helpful. Remember, taking care of your skin is essential for a healthy and youthful appearance. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon. See you next time!

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I feel like I just filmed my 37 year old skincare routine last week, and now here I am with my 39 year old routine. Is it just me or is time flying by for everyone?


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  1. You have very beautiful looking skin. I have always struggled with skin issues perhaps due to life stressors, hormone imbalances, and or poor diet or poor lifestyle choices. I’m now 39 and my skin is a lot clearer but I am starting to get some of those fine lines around my eye and puffy eyes. I just got established with a functional medicine doctor regarding premature menopause for me which could the reason for some of my skin issues. Wish me luck. I know I can’t afford many of those products you mentioned. However, thank you for sharing your skin care routine, products, and being so open. Keep sharing and being so wonderful! 🥰❤️

  2. It’s so sweet you remind you daughter of skin care. My grandmother and mom just had perfect skin (maybe because they were joyful) and I just stumbled upon it on my own – plus the science of it has grown so much. And we have the power of YouTube!

  3. I’m a big believer in the law of attraction so I always think looking up the benefits of things help things to work even better (so I always do) because thoughts are powerful. Hence the power of placebos. And you are lovely! 💖

  4. All sounds lovely, but I would never get out of the bathroom in the morning…or night at that rate. It must cost a fortune even before makeup. Your skin is perfect, so it is difficult for ordinary people to relate to I think.

  5. Hi , i found your channel by mistake but im in love with your videos, i have sensitive/combination skin, it would be nice if u make a video of what products will suit this type of skin 🥺💕💕

  6. you are lovely, appreciate your sharing, You face looks very greasy after all of these ingredients. Are they penetrating is important…you mention vaseline in one video as a good after serum coating to keep skin hydrated, do you still consider it safe for use and use it?

  7. Love your videos and have been waiting for an update as we are the same age and my skin is so so dry. You have taught me so much and I live for the day my skin looks half as good as yours! Thank you!

    I just had a question about the first serum- the PTR Retinoid serum. I know you did a video a year or so Ago with a cheaper alternative (Mad Hippie) and you then also give a Sunday Riley alternative here. Do you still recommend the mad Hippie vitamin A serum or is Sunday Riley better? Thanks again Lauren!

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