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Welcome to the **#BuenTrabajo** with Psychologist Karina Peralta! Join us for this live program on Radio Santiago 540 AM where we discuss everything related to business, employment opportunities, and personal growth.

If you want to learn how to sell, audit your earnings, or find a job, then you can’t miss **Negocio del Pac**. This exciting program will help you improve your business, understand market offers, and explore employment opportunities.

It’s time to overcome your fears and start progressing in your career. Join me, Karina Peralta, Monday to Friday at 5 PM on Radio Santiago 540 AM and our social media channels.

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Programa: #BuenTrabajo con la Psic. Karina Peralta
Sintoniza ya 540 AM
FB-YT: Radio Santiago 540 AM
TW-IG: @radiosantiagoec
Santiago Peralta

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