Exciting Handbag Trends to Experiment With in Spring 2021

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## 5 Fun Handbag Trends To Try This Spring 2021

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Style tips by Kim Appelt!

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Hey Guys, I know Spring 2021 might feel like it’s far away, but I am here to let you know it’s closer than you think. Here are a few of the fun handbag trends you will be seeing this summer. Let me know your favorite! Kim xo

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### File Folder/Flat Purse Style

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Welcome back to Secrets of a Stylist! For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Kim and I’m a fashion stylist. And for those of you who do, welcome back! I love you guys, I love your comments. I actually can’t even keep up with your comments on the last couple videos. I’m trying, I will get to you. I want to give you my love and say hi. I love your suggestions. Remember to leave links for items when you’re suggesting them to everyone else because sometimes I want to look up what you’re talking about. Okay, let’s get right into the video.

The top five handbag trends this spring 2021. Okay, so you don’t need to get into the trends. I just do these videos for fun, for inspiration, so that you can have a clue if you’re into fashion about what’s actually going on. So the first handbag trend that is really cool, which I thought was really interesting, it’s not practical, it doesn’t hold anything, it is the file folder handbag we saw come down the runway. There’s so many of these, so this is really interesting. I feel like you could throw in, like if you’re going to work and you have a lot of paperwork, you want to throw in your cell phone, a lip gloss, and maybe your actual files. It’s a great purse to have, it’s kind of very thin and sleek. Here’s an interesting thing too about handbags, is that you want to be careful of body type. So this is a great bag if you’re carrying a lot of extra weight and you’re feeling really big. You don’t want to go buy a really big handbag, oversized handbag trend not for you. So a really thin sleek file folder handbag like this, this is a trend for you, very cool. So many different colors, check them out. I’ll leave a bunch of links down below, let me know what you think.

The next trend for handbags this spring/summer is the market tote. Okay, the market totes come in and out every spring, they show up. And if you’re wondering what the market tote is, it’s like the mesh bags. So they come in a variety of different shapes, colors, styles, they use different materials for them. It’s actually one of my favorite bags that comes in style in the spring. I really like it, I often use one as a beach bag. Because if I everything, all the sand just falls out, you can throw your flip-flops in there, if you live anywhere where it’s sort of like more of like a boho environment, that’s really cool. You can throw things in, throw it over, very cool look. You can use one of these bags in this trend to actually really add to your outfit, not a bad thing to have in your wardrobe. A lot of them are really economical, I’ll leave some links down below, you’re really gonna like them, they’re fun. So now you’re in the know, the market tote is back, just like everything else, the spring candy colors have come around for the handbags. They’re coming in all different colors, there was bright orange, baby blues, purples, pink, everywhere. I actually really got into the pink. There’s a couple pink handbags that I really like. If you get something a pink handbag in more of a classic style, that is a way that you can actually keep this handbag going and bring it into your summer and spring rotation for years to come. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to like a white linen shirt tucked into white jeans or a jean jacket with a tank top and camo pants or a little dress, anything that you’re wearing as long as it’s plain as a pop color, you can match your shoes, you can buy your lipstick, you’ll be so cute.

Okay, so this one was so interesting when I actually started doing a little research into it, water bags. So not only are there bags that came down the runway that literally held a water bottle, they were just that, they also had attachments to larger bags that held your water bottle. Kind of a cool thing, not bad for sustainability. Not sure if they come with the actual bottle that fits in that holder, I’ll have to do a little research into that. But anyway, I thought it was really cool. I kind of like the message, drink water, more health, sustainability, I’m into it. Let me know what you guys think.

The last spring 2021 handbag trend that I thought was really fun, I mean I have a lot of these, you guys probably do too, but now they came in like super-sized. So I feel like 2021 is like the year of the trend of oversized, oversized shirts, oversized jeans, and now of course, an oversized tote. These totes came down the runway and they are massive, they’re exaggerated. I have these totes, I’ve been hoofing them around for years. These are really cool because they are actually very exaggerated, but here’s the thing about these totes. If you’re a little person like me, they really are like disproportionately, like make you look strange. If you’re a bigger person, they make you look bigger, but there’s a lot of utility to them. So you know, if you have a lot going on, you have a bunch of kids, you can throw things in. I’ve actually had oversized totes where I’ve had Mississipi cups, like literally floating in the water and I didn’t notice because they held it all in. So getting a really good quality oversized tote, great for travel when that comes back, ready for road trips, great for packing up and going to the cabin, whatever, really great to just stop all your oversized pieces for spring.

Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. I kept it short and sweet and I just wanted to have fun. I had fun looking at the styles, I hope you did too. Remember, say hi to me down below, you guys have been killing it, your comments are like amazing. I hope you guys are doing great and I will see you on the next video. Remember to hit subscribe and then we will see each other every Friday. Love you so much, bye!

5 Fun Handbag Trends To Try This Spring 2021
Style tips by Kim Appelt!

My White Lace Dress:

5 Fun Handbag Trends To Try This Spring 2021

Hey Guys,
I know Spring 2021 might feel like its far away but I am here to let you know its closer than you think. Here are a few of the fun handbag trends you will be seeing this summer. Let me know your favorite!
Kim xo

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File Folder/ Flat Purse Style

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Written by Kim Appelt


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  1. Could you share more info about replica bags? Got mine @ ,and just pay a fraction compared to the actual thing, haha! So cool that it comes with the brand card as well! They really pay attention to detail and clearly try to make it as authentic as possible .

  2. Fun video but am not really into any of these bags. Love your white lace dress and agree with another commenter that you look different nowadays. Did you lose weight or anything like that?

  3. My mom has a over size tote. She called it her grandma bag. We went on a trail through the mountain and she had a towel, bandaids, ect. Everyone laughed until we needed something. Blister and scrape were cleaned, antibiotic cream dabbed, and bandaids apllied. Towel was to dry of my niece who "fell" in the water. 😉 we had snacks, water and sunscreen. Bug spray and bug bite cream, benadryl and even a extra pair of socks. If we needed it,, she had it. 😆 It ended up being a 5 mile hike. We didn't know. we never loved that bag more than that day. That is what I think of when I see these totes. My niece even said " look it's a grandma bag". She thought it was a brand name. 😂 So any moms, grandma's, nanny's, Nana's or any one who just needs to carries a small store with them. This is the bag for you. Lol.. I love them. Sorry for a lengthy comment but I had to share. Hope I made someone laugh today.🤣🤣

  4. Canvas tote bags are the number one bag trend in Paris. I had to buy an insert for mine, everything small falls to the bottom. The bag I have the hots for is the Bottega Vanetta Cassette, but it’s out of my league, I’m looking for a good, genuine leather look-alike.

  5. I stumbled upon your last video and before this one came live, I had already subscribed and catched up with all of your uploads, even the really old ones. I'm so glad I found your channel, I just very much enjoy your personality and your whole vibe. Keep up the good work! Love from Italy

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