Exclusive Look at the Making of Hayley Elsaesser’s Collection

# Behind the Scenes with Designer Hayley Elsaesser: Creating a Fashionable Fusion

Join us for an exclusive look into the making of Hayley Elsaesser’s Midnight Cowboy shoot for The Kit Compact. In this tutorial, you’ll discover how Elsaesser merges opposing styles – western meets samurai – to create a fun, crazy, and fashion-forward look for Fall 2015.

## The Art of Fashion Meets Beauty and Glitz
Inspired by films like Kill Bill and a samurai tough-girl attitude, Hayley’s Midnight Cowboy shoot is an exciting fusion of beauty, makeup, and style. She seamlessly blends opposites to create a memorable and unique statement.

![Hayley_Elsaesser](source link)

## Behind-the-Scenes with Hayley Elsaesser
Hayley’s work is a true reflection of her personality – quirky, bold, and unafraid to take on the fashion world. In this tutorial, you’ll get to see her in action, as she brings her concepts to life in her very own workspace.

![Hayley_Elsaesser_Workspace](source link)

## Passion, Support, and Friendship
Hayley is not alone in her quest for creative expression. Her group of talented friends includes artists, nail technicians, and fashion lovers who share the same passion and drive. Join us as we go behind the scenes and experience the camaraderie and support that inspires them to make their dreams a reality.

![Artist Friends](source link)

## Join the Fun – Learn from the Experts
Hayley and her team are experts in their fields and willing to share their knowledge and experience. Learn how to fuse different styles, create statement looks, and get inspiration for your own creative projects.

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Source: [The Kit Compact – Hayley Elsaesser Shoot](source link)

Go behind-the-scenes designer Hayley Elsaesser’s shoot for The Kit CompactHayley Elsaesser

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