Fairouz and Ody’s Discovery of Lolitta Dandoy

Fairouz and Ody host a series of interviews where personalities discuss their spirituality. In today’s episode, we have Lolitta Dandoy, a fashion journalist and founder of the blog “Fashion is everywhere”. To visit her blog, click here: [Fashion is Everywhere]( In this video, Lolitta shares her thoughts on spirituality and its importance in her life. Join us as we delve into this meaningful conversation about self-discovery and inner peace.

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[00:00] Fairouz: “Hi everyone, I’m so excited today because on Fair Use and Audi Discover, we have Lolitta Dandoy with us. I met Lolitta at a co-founded event called Luxe, which is a luxury event. She is a fashion journalist and the founder of the blog ‘Fashion is everywhere’. Thank you so much, Lolitta, for being here to discuss spirituality with us today. It’s a pleasure to have you.”

[00:32] Lolitta: “Thank you for having me. I’m really happy to be here and talk about a topic that I don’t often discuss in my work, but is very important to me and has always guided me. This is a great opportunity to have this conversation, especially since I’m currently exploring my spiritual journey.”

[00:56] Fairouz: “That’s wonderful. Let’s start with the first question. How would you define spirituality? What does it mean to you?”

[01:05] Lolitta: “To me, spirituality is something intangible. It exists both within me and in the world around me, in a completely inspirational way. It’s what allows me to find inner calmness and peace, especially during difficult times. I find that my spirituality helps me reconnect with myself and discover the answers that I need, even when we often think we have to search for them elsewhere. As I grow older, I realize that we often have the answers within ourselves.”

[01:46] Fairouz: “That’s beautiful. Thank you, Lolitta. I’d like to ask you, is there an event in your life that you consider to be a significant learning experience?”

[01:56] Lolitta: “Definitely. There’s one event that stands out for me, which has had a profound impact on my life. When I look back, everything can be divided into ‘before March 2010’ and ‘after March 2010’. In March 2010, I received the news that I had breast cancer. At that time, I was 29 years old, about to turn 30 a month and a half later. This was completely unexpected, and I had no family history of cancer. I was the first person in my entire family, as far back as my grandparents, to experience cancer.

[02:35] Fairouz: “That must have been a challenging time for you.”

[02:39] Lolitta: “It was incredibly challenging. At that time, I was working at a magazine, and I had just discovered a passion for the web. I was happy with what I was doing, and then this happened. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, with doctors suggesting operations, radiation, and even chemotherapy. It was a whirlwind. Eventually, they decided that radiotherapy would be enough, which was a relief because I was getting married that summer. We had already sent out the wedding invitations, and suddenly we had to tell everyone we were postponing the wedding. It felt like a constant stream of bad news. The treatment itself was physically and mentally demanding. I’ve always been a positive and cheerful person, but during this time, I experienced depression. I couldn’t find the positivity within me, even when we talk about finding answers within ourselves.”

[03:46] Fairouz: “That must have been tough. How did you overcome that?”

[03:50] Lolitta: “There were a series of events that played a significant role in my journey to reclaiming my positivity. For instance, I won an award for my blog during that time. The day of the award ceremony in Toronto, I met Denis Gagnon, a renowned fashion designer, who agreed to dress me for the evening. I went to his studio to try on dresses, still wearing my wig because I had lost my hair. As I was trying on the dresses, he suddenly told me not to wear the wig and that I looked beautiful without it. It left me speechless because I had never considered showing myself in that way. But in that moment, I decided to leave the wig behind and embrace my true self. That evening, when I accepted the award, I spoke about my journey and what I had been through. I hadn’t told anyone about my struggle because I didn’t want people in the fashion industry, which is so focused on image, to see me differently. But speaking about it that night had a profound impact on me.”

[05:05] Fairouz: “Thank you for sharing that powerful story, Lolitta. It truly shows the strength and resilience that you possess. Your journey is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for joining us today and sharing your thoughts on spirituality.”

[05:21] Lolitta: “Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure discussing this topic with you.”


– [Fashion is Everywhere](

Fairouz et Ody animent une série d’entrevues où des personnalités parlent de leur spiritualité. Aujourd’hui, découvrez la journaliste mode et fondatrice du blogue “Fashion is everywhere”, Lolitta Dandoy. Pour naviguer sur son blogue, cliquez ici

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