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**Check out the latest interview with top fashion designers from Colombia!** Learn from industry experts Lucas Chavez Alcorta (FALABELLA), Daniel Hoyos (DIVINO), Sylvia Toth, Carolina Sepúlveda (ALDEA), Carolina Castro (DUPLICITY), and Rossana Castro (DUPLICITY). Watch as they share their insights and experiences in the fashion world.

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**Transcript Highlights:**
– In this interview, the designers discuss their journey into the fashion industry and their inspirations.
– Daniel Hoyos from DIVINO shares the story behind the name and the philosophy that drives his brand.
– Sylvia Toth talks about her encounter with artisans in Sutatausa and how it influenced her brand, WARMI.
– Carolina Sepúlveda reveals her passion for storytelling and how it translated into her brand, ALDEA.
– Rossana Castro and Carolina Castro of DUPLICITY discuss their childhood dream of creating their own brand, and how it became a reality.

**Colombiamoda 2013 and DIMODE**
This interview is part of the Colombiamoda 2013 event, in collaboration with DIMODE. Colombiamoda is one of the largest fashion events in Latin America, showcasing the talents of Colombian designers. DIMODE is a platform that promotes and supports emerging designers in Colombia.

Watch the full interview to learn more about these incredible designers and their contributions to the fashion industry.

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Entrevistas: Lucas Chavez Alcorta (FALABELLA), Daniel Hoyos (DIVINO), Sylvia Toth, Carolina Sepúlveda (ALDEA), Carolina Castro (DUPLICITY), Rossana Castro (DUPLICITY)

Entrevista Carolina Cortés

Carolina Sepúlveda

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