Fall 2011’s Collection by Mikhael Kale and Mark Fast

# Fashion Magazine: Michael Kale and Mark Fast Fall 2011 Show

Welcome to Fashion Magazine! In this video, Randy Bergman, our online editor, takes you behind-the-scenes at the Trump International for the Michael Kale and Mark Fast Fall 2011 Show.

Michael Kale and Mark Fast are two of the most iconic fashion designers of our time. They were brought together by a chance meeting at a Latino themed event six months ago. They hit it off and decided to collaborate on a project. The result is the Michael Kale and Mark Fast Fall 2011 Show, which we are proud to bring you today.

In this video, Mark shares his inspiration for the show. He talks about his love for silk, which he finds to be a challenging fabric to work with. He also describes how he likes to add hard edges to his creations to give them structure.

Mark started his fashion career at Seneca College in Toronto. He later went on to study at Saint Martin’s College in London. This is where he honed his skills and developed his unique sense of style.

The concept of the show is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Mark describes it as the idea that nothing is what it seems. He wanted to create a sense of dichotomy between the sensitive and severe qualities of a wolf. The dark and light, good and evil, yin and yang are all brought together in this incredible show.

If you love fashion, don’t miss this incredible show. Check out the video at to see the amazing Michael Kale and Mark Fast Fall 2011 Show.


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