Fall 2014’s Champions

**Supermodel Yasmin Warsame** takes center stage in this stunning behind-the-scenes look at the **WINNERS Fall 2014 Collection** photo shoot. Join us as **New York photographer Juan Algarin** and his creative team capture the essence of high fashion in this mesmerizing video.

**The Creators Bureau**, a renowned production company, was commissioned to document this extraordinary event. Witness the dedication and precision as Director Filip Terlecki and his team bring this vision to life.

Featuring an array of **gorgeous models** and **supermodels**, this video showcases the intricate process involved in creating a flawless **fall runway** look. From the energetic filming atmosphere to the seamless coordination behind the scenes, every detail is meticulously captured to give viewers an insider’s perspective.

Get inspired by the incredible **beauty** and **style** on display as the talented team transforms the **designer outfits** into breathtaking works of art. Experience the raw emotion and creativity that drive the fashion industry forward.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we peel back the curtain and witness the magic behind every immaculate shot. From start to finish, this video production captures the essence of **fashion**, **style**, and the artistry that lies within.

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Supermodel Yasmin Warsame was front-and-center in this photo shoot showcasing the WINNERS Fall 2014 Collection. The Creators Bureau was commissioned to shoot the behind-the-scenes video of New York photographer Juan Algarin and his creative team at work.

Production Company: The Creators Bureau
Director | Editor: Filip Terlecki
Cameras: Filip Terlecki, Tyler Tekatch
@CreatorsBureauPedram Karimi

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