Fall 2016 Sao Paulo Fashion Channel: Introducing HELO ROCHA

**Title:** HELO ROCHA Fall 2016 Sao Paulo Fashion Show – Fashion Channel

Looking for the latest fashion trends from Brazil? Look no further than the HELO ROCHA Fall 2016 collection, showcased at the Sao Paulo Fashion Show.

Experience the international runway like never before with Fashion Channel. For over 30 years, we’ve brought you exclusive footage from the most significant fashion weeks around the world. From backstage secrets to celebrity sightings, our channel goes beyond showcasing designer collections on the runway.

This HELO ROCHA Fall 2016 show is no exception. Get behind-the-scenes insight into hair and makeup styles, model clips, and red carpet events. Our HD videos are sure to keep you engaged and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and industry news.

Looking for more lifestyle and fashion content? Check out our continuous flow of fresh, exciting videos from the world of fashion. As a leading fashion management channel, we feature designer profiles, curiosities from the fashion world and photo shoots, amongst other things.

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HELO ROCHA Fall 2016 Sao Paulo – Fashion Channel

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Helo Rocha

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