Families Clash: Rainbow Family vs Dark Family / 10 Barbie Doll Ideas

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In this video, we explore the friendship between the dark-skinned Barbie and the rainbow Barbie. Watch as we share interesting ideas and tricks for dolls. We’ll show you how to make various accessories and crafts using supplies and tools such as a glue gun, acrylic paint, scissors, brushes, lip balm cap, foam paper, star-shaped decorations, glitter, gemstones, coffee stirrers, golden cardboard, cookie box, branches, wet wipes, decorative spiders, artificial flowers, berries, leaves, colored sand, plastic ice cream containers, LEGO pieces, modeling clay, flower-shaped buttons, decorative rainbow, straws, beads, stickers, rainbow elastic fabric, tulle, long scarf, satin ribbon, LEGO pieces for a faucet, toy plate, wooden beads, gauze, clear nail polish, black slime, pompom, elastic ribbon, thimble, vintage modeling tool, and wire.

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– Mom and her rainbow daughter love sparkle and bright colors, while the dark-skinned family adores the color black. Are they able to get along? Watch the video to find out! *[Source](*
– Jesse and her daughter are going for a walk. The baby copies everything her mom does. When Jesse brushes her hair, her daughter does the same. When Jesse puts on her shoes, her daughter wants to wear them too. Let’s see what the baby comes up with! *[Source](*
– You can’t go far in heels like these. It’s better to wear your own shoes! And the baby finds a rainbow bucket, a much cooler accessory. Are they ready for the park? *[Source](*
– The dark-skinned baby always plays in the dark side of the sandbox. It’s much more interesting to play with dark sand. But it gets boring after a while. So, the sweet mom decides to surprise her daughter with a gift. Watch to find out what it is! *[Source](*
– The rainbow family arrives at the park too. The baby loves the colorful side of the sandbox. But the two families don’t get along very well. Can they find a solution? *[Source](

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14 Trucos y Manualidades para Barbie / Barbie Rubia y Morena: 34
¿Serán amigas las familias de la Barbie oscura y la Barbie arcoíris? Mira ideas interesantes y trucos para muñecas en nuestro nuevo video.

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