Fashion: 10 Designers and Brands that Inspire Me and I Love

# 10 Designers That Inspire Me: Vintage, Trends, and the Best Brands

In this video, I am excited to talk about 10 designers and brands that I am admiring right now. Whether you are interested in fashion, thrifting, or makeup, you will find something to enjoy. My favorite designers include Simone Rocha, Paco Rabanne, Sandy Liang, Djerf Avenue, Emi Jay, Gogo Sweaters, Maison Margiela, Tekla Fabrics, Martine Rose, and Eliza Faulkner.

First on my list is Simone Rocha, a young designer with a unisex vision of fashion. Her bold and unique looks are absolutely stunning. I am particularly fond of her long dresses with beautiful details such as sequins and beading. Next up is Paco Rabanne, who revolutionized the use of materials in fashion. I am in awe of his use of chainmail, fiber optics, and more. His runway collections, especially the metallic silver dress, are works of art.

Sandy Liang creates funky and textured outerwear that I adore. Her accessories, such as flower hair ties and barrettes, are also super cute. Another brand to lookout for is Jeff Havens, which creates simple yet beautiful clothing with cute motifs. I am currently eyeing their fruit-print robe.

Emi Jay Inc. offers high-quality and customizable hair accessories that are worth the investment. I also love Gogo Sweaters, which makes hand-knit sweaters in Canada with fun and bold colors. My favorite designer is Maison Margiela, a non-conforming Parisian haute couture brand that mixes textures and fabrics in the most interesting ways possible. Their Tabi shoes are a must-have.

These designers and brands inspire me to stay creative and fashionable. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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Aujourd’hui, je te jase de 10 designers que J’ADORE présentement et qui m’inspirent énormément: Simone Rocha, Paco Rabanne, Sandy Liang, Djerf Avenue, Emi Jay, Gogo Sweaters, Maison Margiela, Tekla Fabrics, Martine Rose et Eliza Faulkner.

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  1. J’étais si contente que tu commences avec Simone Rocha 🤩 elle et Margiela sont aussi définitivement dans mes tops! Si je faisais ma propre liste, j’ajouterais Rei Kawakubo ❤

    J’ai aussi aimé que tu mentionnes que c’est important d’être confronté à de nouveaux idéaux de beauté/à des choses qu’on ne trouverait pas nécessairement belles au départ; ça renouvelle notre esprit créatif ✨

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