Fashion Channel Presents RICARDO SECO’s Art Hearts Fashion Fall 2022 in New York City

# RICARDO SECO’s “PASSION” Collection at Art Hearts Fashion Fall 2022 New York

Are you ready for an explosion of passion and color? Join Ricardo Seco at New York Fashion Week for the unveiling of his latest titled collection, “PASSION,” inspired by Mexican architect and engineer Luis Barragán.

Ricardo Seco is a Mexican designer who has been captivating the fashion industry in New York with his stunning designs. In this collection showcased at The Ziegfeld Ballroom, Ricardo Seco and Art Hearts Fashion have created a stunning display that elevates him to the status of a top designer in America.

This collection features bold hues, captivating designs, and intricate details that are perfect for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement. The inspiration of Barragán is evident in every detail, capturing the architect’s visual and conceptual effect on current architects, including international students and professors of architecture.

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RICARDO SECO Art Hearts Fashion Fall 2022 New York – Fashion Channel

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“PASSION” is the name of Ricardo Seco’s titled collection, which debuted at New York Fashion Week.

Luis Barragán, a Mexican architect and engineer, was the inspiration for this collection.

His work has had a visual and conceptual effect on current architects.

International students and professors of architecture routinely visit Barragán’s structures.

A Mexican designer residing in New York has worked really hard to establish himself in the fashion industry.

This collection at The Ziegfeld Ballroom, backed by Art Hearts Fashion, elevated Ricardo to the status of a top designer in America.

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