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Agathe Lachaud, a talented and innovative young fashion designer from Montreal, is making waves in the industry. With a strong cultural background in France and a passion for art and literature, Agathe embarked on her creative journey in the historic city of Le Mans. She honed her skills through design studies in the North of the country before venturing across the Atlantic to Quebec, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in management and fashion design.

Driven by her insatiable curiosity, Agathe constantly seeks inspiration from her travels. Her experiences in the forefront of couture in Paris and at Derek Lam International in New York have greatly influenced her style. The resulting creations are minimalist yet abound with intricate details and cultural anecdotes, drawing inspiration from the vibrant Mediterranean world.

In this captivating video, join Agathe as she takes you on a mesmerizing visual journey through her fashion collections. Witness the seamless fusion of her French origins, cosmopolitan influences, and unique design philosophy. From the catwalks of exclusive fashion events to the pages of renowned fashion magazines, Agathe’s work has captured the attention of the fashion world.

Discover why Agathe Lachaud is the epitome of modern fashion artistry and immerse yourself in the passion and creativity that permeate her collections. Explore the synergy of fashion, culture, and storytelling through her innovative designs. Watch now to discover a world where fashion meets the soul.


Interested in learning more about Agathe Lachaud and her remarkable journey in the fashion industry? Visit her official website to explore her latest designs, discover her collaborations, and stay updated on upcoming fashion events: [](

Agathe Lachaud is a young fashion designer based in Montreal. Of french origins, she begins her studies in arts and litterature in the historical city of Le Mans (France). In 2011, she left for the North of the country to attend design studies. After her graduation she decides to expand her horizon and comes to Quebec where she pursue a bachelor in management and fashion design.

Because of her curious mind she’s always seeking inspiration, that’s how she accumulates professional experiences in forefront couture in Paris and also in New York at Derek Lam International.

Influenced by her journeys her creations appears minimalist but are rich in details and cultural anecdotes often based on the mediterranean world.

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