Fashion Film: Ronaldo Fraga collaborates with Kildare


Welcome to our YouTube channel where we showcase the exclusive collaboration collection between renowned fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga and leading footwear brand Kildare.

In this video, join us behind the scenes as our talented camera crew, Bruno Castro and João Emilio, capture the essence of the Ronaldo Fraga x Kildare collaboration. Under the direction and creative vision of Gustavo Carneiro, this collection promises to redefine the intersection of fashion and skate culture.

Witness the meticulous attention to detail in every step of the process, from the filming to the editing done by Gustavo Carneiro himself. Our production team, 6star Vídeos, has worked tirelessly to ensure that each model, including Aline Dias, Bernardo Feliciano, Bruno Castro, João Emilio, and Gustavo Carneiro, embodies the spirit of this collaboration.

The fashion expertise of Gabi Queiroz and Julia Resende bring a unique edge to the collection’s styling. And with the help of our talented beauty expert, Raquel, the models showcase the perfect balance of edginess and elegance.

This video has received the seal of approval from renowned individuals in the fashion industry, including Ronaldo Fraga, Fernando Alano, and Cassandra P. Mendieta. You won’t want to miss this extraordinary collection of footwear that seamlessly blends style and functionality.

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Ficha técnica:
Câmera: Bruno Castro e João Emilio
Direção e Roteiro: Gustavo Carneiro
Edição e Finalização: Gustavo Carneiro
Produção: 6star Vídeos
Modelos : Aline Dias, Bernardo Feliciano, Bruno Castro, João Emilio e Gustavo Carneiro
Produção de moda: Gabi Queiroz e Julia Resende
Beleza: Raquel
Aprovação: Ronaldo Fraga, Fernando Alano e Cassandra P. MendietaRonaldo Fraga

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