Fashion Five – Riachuelo’s end-of-year collection fashion show.

Riachuelo HD – Exclusive Collection by André Lima, Martha Medeiros, Huis Clos, Maria Garcia and Juliana Jabour for the Festive Season 2011

Experience the epitome of style and elegance with the Riachuelo HD exclusive collection. Renowned designers André Lima, Martha Medeiros, Huis Clos, Maria Garcia, and Juliana Jabour have collaborated to curate a sensational array of fashion-forward pieces for the festive season of 2011. Witness the unveiling of this remarkable collection through a mesmerizing runway show hosted at the prestigious Casa Fasano.

From André Lima’s intricate detailing to Martha Medeiros’ delicate designs, Huis Clos’ contemporary charm to Maria Garcia’s timeless allure, and Juliana Jabour’s fashion-forward creations – these influential designers have poured their heart and soul into crafting this extraordinary collection.

Immerse yourself in a world of high-definition fashion with Riachuelo HD. This captivating video presents an exclusive glimpse into the marrying of talented designers and their unique artistic visions, resulting in an alluring collection that will leave you breathless.

Be a part of fashion history and witness firsthand the mesmerizing beauty of the Riachuelo HD collection. Step into the realm of elegance and sophistication, and let your personal style shine brighter than ever before.


*[André Lima](, [Martha Medeiros](, [Huis Clos](, [Maria Garcia](, [Juliana Jabour](*

André Lima, Martha Medeiros, Huis Clos, Maria Garcia e Juliana Jabour assinam a coleção especial da Riachuelo para as festas de 2011, com desfile na Casa Fasano.
Juliana Jabour

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