Fashion Kiss – Lolitta & Jonathan’s #MyKissStory

**[Find your colour / Trouvez votre couleur](**

Express the colour of your love with the nine shades of the new Baiser Velours lipstick collection by Lise Watier. Each story has its own unique colour, what’s yours? Share the colour of your love with the world using the hashtag #MyKissStory.

Discover the passion, fashion, and romance behind the Baiser Velours campaign. With a range of shades including fashion kiss, French kiss, passion kiss, and many more, you can find the perfect lipstick to express your love.

As a couple, we believe that fashion is a part of our story. Jonathan has always supported my passion for cosmetics, and it has become a significant aspect of our relationship. Join us in celebrating love, beauty, and self-expression with the Baiser Velours collection.

Our journey as a couple hasn’t been without its challenges, but love has helped us overcome every obstacle. It was during a difficult time when I fell ill that I realized the true meaning of love. Being with someone who supports you through thick and thin is truly special.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of this extraordinary campaign. Show your love and add a touch of colour to your life with the Baiser Velours lipstick collection. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion when you want to feel fabulous.

Experience the beauty and confidence that comes with wearing the perfect lip colour. Express your love, share your #MyKissStory, and join us in celebrating the power of self-expression and the beauty of individual stories.

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Trouvez votre couleur / Find your colour:

Partagez la couleur de votre amour #MyKissStory
Share the colour of your love #MyKissStory

À chaque histoire sa couleur. Quelle est la vôtre ?
Exprimez le couleur de votre amour avec les neuf nuances du nouveau Baiser Velours.

Each story has its own colour. What’s yours?
Express the colour of your love with the nine shades of the new Baiser Velours.

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