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# Malafacha presents their “Gender-Fluid Collection” for Mexico Fashion Week

The fashion designers, Malafacha, challenge traditional gender roles with their latest collection. Titled “Gender-Fluid Collection,” the designers invite us to embrace beauty and style regardless of gender. The collection has been showcased at the Mexico Fashion Week and received much-deserved attention.

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### Inspiration behind “Gender-Fluid Collection”

The designers, Victor Hernal and Francisco Saldaña, started with the idea of identity and how it changes over time. They took inspiration from the transformation of the human spirit, which is often associated with rituals and witches. The designers added several elements of ritual and witchcraft to the collection to reflect the evolution of personal identity.

### Collaboration with Stephanie Salas

Adding live music to a fashion show is not often seen. However, Malafacha wanted to create something unique and innovative. They collaborated with Stephanie Salas, a Mexican singer and actress, to add a musical element to the show. Salas supported the collection with her music, further adding to the gender-fluid nature of the fashion show.

### Designing for the consumer

Malafacha’s designs aim to represent a certain aesthetic and attitude, with their primary audience being people who like to experiment and have distinct taste. They strive to create a unique, playful, and dark aesthetic that has dualities. The pieces are constructed to be functional and versatile, appeal to both men and women, and transform through innovative structures and designs.

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El duo de diseñadores rompen con todos los paradigmas de la moda y nos presentan su “Colección andrógina de hombre y mujer” invitándonos a olvidar el género para enfocarnos en la belleza y el estilo.

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