FashionTV | Behind the Scenes at Coven Spring/Summer 2014 Show in Fashion Rio

**Coven Spring/Summer 2014 BACKSTAGE | Fashion Rio**

Welcome to FashionTV’s exclusive backstage coverage of the Coven show during Rio’s fashion week for Spring/Summer 2014. Be part of the behind-the-scenes action as we witness the models getting their exquisite hair styled – half in a stunning updo and the other half left down in a sleek and straight style. The makeup is kept simple and natural, with a touch of silver on the corner of their eyelids.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as the Brazilian girls flaunt their cool look while posing for the enthusiastic photographers backstage. Witness the final touch-ups just before the models confidently strut down the catwalk, feeling the adrenaline rush.

We are FashionTV, offering you an exclusive backstage view of the Coven show in Rio. Get a sneak peek into the world of models as they prepare to captivate the audience on the catwalk.

Appearances by: [Marcelia Freesz](, [Magda Laguinge](, [Daniela Braga](, [Thayna Santos](

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Coven Spring/Summer 2014 BACKSTAGE | Fashion Rio RIO DE JANEIRO – FashionTV is behind the scenes at the Coven show during Rio’s fashion week for Spring/Summer 2014. Watch the models get their hair styled half in an updo and half left down in a stick straight style. Makeup is left plain and natural except for silver colored in the corner of the eyelid. The Brazilian girls also show off their cool look as they pose for photographers backstage and get touch ups before the catwalk. FashionTV has a unique backstage view of the show, offering you a peek at what its like for models right before they emerge onto the catwalk.

Appearances: Marcelia Freesz, Magda Laguinge, Daniela Braga, Thayna Santos




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