FashionTV Presents Behind the Scenes with Ronaldo Fraga at Sao Paulo Fashion Week SPFW Winter 2014

**Title:** Ronaldo Fraga Backstage Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Show | Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Welcome to FashionTV’s backstage coverage of the Ronaldo Fraga Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. In this video, we take you behind the scenes of the runway to explore the unique crimp hairstyle trend that was showcased in the collection. Not only did the models rock crimped hair, but they also had tree twigs and branches woven into their ponytails, creating an ethereal and nature-inspired look.

Featuring exclusive appearances by Paula Mulazza, Leticia Lamb, Mariane Calazans, and of course, Ronaldo Fraga himself, this video gives you an insider’s view of the iconic fashion event.

Watch as FashionTV captures the excitement of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week and showcases the latest fashion trends, from ready-to-wear designs to hair and makeup inspirations. Stay tuned for more coverage from FashionTV’s worldwide fashion network.

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– Stay updated with FashionTV on Twitter: []( SAO PAULO – FashionTV heads backstage at the Ronaldo Fraga Winter 2014 show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The crimp hairstyle is back for this show. Not only do models have their hair crimped and up, they have tree twigs and branches put through their ponies!

Appearances: Paula Mulazza, Leticia Lamb, Mariane Calazans, Ronaldo Fraga, Cris Herrmann, Maria Flavia




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