FashionTV Presents: Vitorino Campos Spring/Summer 2013 | SPFW Backstage with the Designer & Models

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Join FashionTV for an exclusive backstage pass to the Vitorino Campos Spring/Summer 2013 show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Experience the latest fashion trends and get an insider’s look at the inspiration behind the collection from Brazilian fashion designer, Vitorino Campos. With minimal makeup, bold eyebrows, and sleek ponytails, this season’s look is all about natural beauty. Hosted by Brazilian model Barbara Berger, get up close and personal with the models as they share their thoughts on the season and their preparations for bikini shows. Don’t miss out on the behind-the-scenes action at one of the biggest fashion events in Sao Paulo!

Featuring appearances by Michele Gassen, Clarice Vitkauskas, Gracie Carvalho, Vitorino Campos, Daiane Sodre, Daiane Conterato, Barbara Berger, Viviane Orth, and Aline Weber.

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*Transcript of the video:*

> “The time kid disguise hi we’re here in San Paulo Fashion Week at backstage of Victorina campus beige my name is Gladys we are here at the backstage at San Paulo Fashion Week I’m Victor Alina campus High-efficiency VMV Tonio comes this is my show at some point Fashion Week collection speaks about a non translation a principle the idea is not to give the whole concept in full so anyone can interpret the collection with its own view of it it starts with very lean and straight lines and it passes Through some color and then it finishes with geometrical figures so like kind of if the the figures could symbolize an end that’s pretty much it Hello fashion TV my name is Barbara Berger right now we are on the Victorino campus backstage here in San Paulo Fashion Week summer 2013 yeah so we’re just about to start the show the show started started thinking an hour maybe we’re running a little bit late so let’s talk with the Girls a little bit and see what they thinking about this season hello hello hello baby how are you I’m good in here so few questions for you my dear what you’re thinking about this season about what this season season it’s very fresh which show did you like best I think Allison’s was a nice show what about bikinis bikinis I don’t like bikinis you hate bikinis yes I do yeah we don’t like bikinis that much I mean we love bikinis but we don’t like the runway yeah I mean actually I like the runway show your body so much you Know like sometimes people talk about our bodies yeah Hey Wow whoo thank you guys How are you ally me I’m good in here good thank you so we’re gonna talk about bikinis how do you prepare yourself I know they’re tired talking about that but how do you Prepare your body and everything yeah I try to go to the gym and work out and I do they spray tan as well you know to get some color and then another thing I do is this Brazilian massage that we call the national patrica I think it’s a Lymphatic drainage in English and it’s amazing for the body as well that one what this is massage too it takes all the water that is retaining your body takes the water out so it makes you like it doesn’t make it like when you blow it like from they play airplanes and stuff It helps a lot that massage that’s really good we’re all crazy about that and another thing but what is your favorite bikini and if you kind of bikinis you like to wear I like the bikinis that doesn’t have this strap here because so I don’t get the marks You know when I get them so I like there was there just like a top human and that’s your boyfriend like she and he gets jealous a few when you were like doing your catwalk with bikinis or no no no he’s a model so he’s used to so it’s Like not fun what about the bikini that you use on adrionna shows the last one oh my god I don’t know you feel if you saw it but it was all like you can see all her body in the back it was pretty nice pretty amazing but like why does he Think about it yeah cuz actually my paint is they were like see-through so you could see my hole but that’s that’s the thing you know she has a nice bang and then this designer was like oh your boyfriend is here so let’s ask him if It’s fine you know I was like okay I’m gonna ask my boyfriend you know before you know so I asked him I was like you have a nice boat so you can show it’s fine it’s good that good that he understand as well alright thank you so Much i Nene thank you bye better see you later so there was the live report with baba ha he had Fashion Week so we’ll see you next time thank you.”

SUBSCRIBE: SAO PAULO – FashionTV gets a sneak peek backstage at the Vitorino Campos Spring/Summer 2013 show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Very natural and minimal makeup, thick arched eyebrows and ponytails were just a few of the trends going on backstage. Brazilian fashion designer, Vitorino Campos speaks with FashionTV about the inspiration behind the clothes. “The idea is not to give the whole concept in full so anyone can interpret the collection with its own view of it,” Campos says. The collection consists of a very casual, lean and chic look with straight lines, warm colors and geometrical shapes. Brazilian model, Barbara Berger becomes the host backstage and talks with models about what they think of the season and how they prepare for bikini shows. Model Viviane Orth says “It’s very fresh!”.

Appearances: Michele Gassen, Clarice Vitkauskas, Gracie Carvalho, Vitorino Campos, Daiane Sodre, Daiane Conterato, Barbara Berger, Viviane Orth, Aline Weber





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Vitorino Campos

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