Fause Haten introduces new book and collection in Florianópolis

**Title: The Artistry of Fause Haten: A Journey through Fashion, Music, and Poetry**

In this captivating interview, renowned designer, stylist, singer, and poet Fause Haten shares his latest ventures in the industry. Join us as we explore his new book “Algumas Palavras,” his newly released CD, and his thought-provoking documentary series “Curtas.” Discover the transformative power of Fause’s creations, including captivating jewelry pieces and accessories that embody the essence of the summer of 2012.

**Highlighting Artistry and Craftsmanship**
Driven by his passion for aesthetics, Fause Haten takes us on a journey of his storied background in fashion. Delve into his creative process, as he shares what lies at the heart of his fashion designs, exquisite jewelry, and tasteful accessories. With meticulous attention to detail, Fause infuses each piece with a unique blend of elegance, sophistication, and trend-setting style.

**Exclusive Collection at Bárbara K.**
Experience the allure of Fause Haten’s exclusive collection, available only at the prestigious Bárbara K. jewelers in Florianópolis. Discover the majestic allure of gold jewelry, perfectly harmonizing with Fause’s visionary designs. Unveil the latest fashion trends and embrace your distinctive style with his exquisite creations, curated exclusively for you.

**Unveiling the Storyteller Within**
As a talented musician and poet, Fause Haten’s artistic talents transcend beyond fashion. Immerse yourself in his compelling narration as he delves into his poetic expressions and soulful melodies. Witness the enchanting fusion of music and poetry, as Fause weaves heartfelt stories through his evocative lyrics.

**Embrace the Future of Fashion**
Take away valuable insights from this insightful interview, showcasing the visionary mind of Fause Haten. His distinctive blend of design, passion, and creative storytelling captivates audiences worldwide. Discover the timeless allure of his creations, reflecting the latest fashion trends while retaining a sense of individuality and self-expression.

**Join us on this transformative journey with Fause Haten, where fashion, music, and poetry intertwine seamlessly.**

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Designer, estilista, cantor, poeta. Fause Haten conta em entrevista sobre suas novas experiências na carreira, como o livro “Algumas Palavras”, o CD e a série de documentários “Curtas”. Fause ainda fala de sua história na moda e o que vem forte nas roupas, joias e acessórios da marca para o verão 2012. As peças são encontradas com exclusividade em Florianópolis na joalheria Bárbara K.
Fause Haten

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