First Part of Malafacha FWM O/I 08

# Malafacha Stuns the Fashion Week Crowd with Incredible Runway Show

**Malafacha** wow’d the crowds at Fashion Week Mexico with their latest [Nada te Turbe]( collection. This set the bar high for other designers during the event.

With a work ethic that is nothing short of admirable, the Malafacha team pulled out all the stops to create a collection that was unparalleled in quality and creativity.

Their latest collection epitomizes the brand’s unique style and brought an air of excitement to the fashion community in Mexico. **FWM** attendees couldn’t help but feel the buzz around this incredible show.

The brand has certainly come a long way since their inception in **OI08**. And with this runway showcase, the whole fashion world has taken notice.

Watch the video to see every stunning detail for yourself. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more exciting updates from Malafacha!

Source: [Malafacha](

Los chicos de malfacha triunfaron una vez mas en fashion Week con una pasarela increible Nada te Turbe

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