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#Nani Travels: Towards Sustainable Tourism in French Polynesia

Creating meaningful travel experiences that benefit tourists, Tahitian locals , and our planet is Alexandrine’s number one goal as the founder of Nani Travels. She is committed to offering sustainable tourism strategies that prioritize socio-cultural, economic, and environmental considerations.

As a responsible tourist, do you pay attention to your environmental and socio-cultural impact while on vacation?

Learn more about sustainable tourism and Nani Travels in this Pacific Ventury podcast

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Nani Travels acknowledges the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism practices, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our partners: Tahitinterim, Banque Socredo, CCISM Polynesia, SEFI, and Cours Bufflier

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In this video, Alexandrine discusses her journey towards founding Nani Travels and implementing sustainable tourism practices in French Polynesia. After experiencing gaps in environmental and cultural preservation during her time in international hospitality, Alexandrine returned to her home country to fill these gaps using her knowledge and experience.

Nani Travels specializes in creating sustainable tourism experiences that involve locals and associations to provide a holistic approach that prioritizes socio-cultural, economic, and environmental considerations.

As Maxime states, learning from past mistakes and taking action is key to preserving our environment. Take the first step towards responsible tourism and make a positive impact on the environment and local culture during your next vacation.


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Nani Travels, vers un tourisme durable en Polynésie française

Créer des voyages en proposant des expériences qui ont du sens et qui sont bénéfiques aux touristes, aux habitants de Tahiti & ses îles , ainsi qu’à notre planète terre , c’est l’objectif n°1 d’Alexandrine, fondatrice de Nani Travels.

Et #tua, en vacances, fais-tu attention à ton impact environnemental et socioculturel ?

Pour en savoir sur le tourisme durable et sur Nani Travels, ça se passe ici avec le podcast Pacific Ventury

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Mauruuru roa à nos partenaires : Tahitinterim, la Banque Socredo, la CCISM de Polynésie, le SEFI et Cours Bufflier

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