Fragrance Haul: Discovering Sol de Janiero, Zara, BDK, Goldfield & Banks, and Reminiscence Perfumes

**Perfume Haul: New Fragrances for my Collection | Review and Recommendations**

Welcome to my channel! In today’s video, I am ecstatic to share with you my recent perfume haul. I have added some incredible fragrances to my collection, including both affordable options and luxury, high-end, and niche offerings. Get ready for some amazing perfume recommendations and reviews!

**Fragrances Mentioned:**

1. BDK Rouge Smoking
2. Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods
3. Reminiscence Dragee
4. Sol de Janiero Sol Cheirosa ’62
5. Zara Rich Warm Addictive

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For those of you who love fragrances and want to explore new scents, this video is a must-watch! From my all-time favorites to top recommendations, I’ve got you covered. Join me on this perfume journey and let’s dive into the world of scents together.

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Hey guys! Today’s video is a perfume haul reviewing all of the new fragrances I’ve brought into my collection . I’ve included some super affordable options as well has a couple luxury, high end, niche offerings. I hope you enjoy my review and these amazing perfume recommendations!

Fragrances Mentioned:
BDK Rouge Smoking
Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods
Reminiscence Dragee
Sol de Janiero Sol Cheirosa ’62
Zara Rich Warm Addictive

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Written by Anne Lauren


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  1. In love with Rouge Smoking – just tried Silky Woods and to me it’s similar to RS but milder. Deciding if I need both – that gold bottle is so tempting though lol 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Lol “am I a nut?” I love cheirosa 62 so much. It has been my most used perfume for the past year and I love it in the winter too <3 they have a new limited edition spray called Tan Lines and I’ve been mixing them and it’s HEAVENLY

  3. Why am I only watching this video now? 😆Obsessed with Rouge Smoking. I need to try this one from Reminiscence! I’m obsessed with almond at the moment but can’t handle some of these extreme gourmand or play doh interpretations.

    Silky Woods is a strong like for me but my boyfriend can’t handle when I wear it – I think the suede note can be polarizing. He thinks it smells like wet bandaids 😅🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I ALMOST returned my Silky Woods because it reminded me of Vanilla Woods (without the smoke) + Swiss Arabian Casablanca (without the Apple). I own the other two so I was torn! A few weeks later I sniffed again and my eyes rolled back honey. You described it perfectly. It’s sexy and addictive and delicious.

  5. I love all 4 of their body mists. I have the 62 fragrance and the body mist lasts the same amount of time. I have to layer with the lotion to get it to last so I use all 3 lol. I think you would love 72 which is even more gourmand than 62 and the cherry one. I’m not into body sprays either but these are the exceptions. 72 and the cherry one are both really good for fall/winter. Sorry I’m commenting way too much lol, I’m binging your videos 😂

  6. I ordered a sample of Rouge Smoking after watching this video and OMG I looooovee it. I definitely get the cherry cola comparison, but the main thing I think it smells like is Red Vines 😂 Not twizzlers, not any other red licorice—specifically waxy, sugary Red Vines. I don’t know why I love it, but I do!!! Totally addictive like you said

  7. I accidentally found a sour cherry forward fragrance that doesn’t have a cherry note. I call those phenomenons “ghost notes”. Anyway the fragrance is Roberto Cavalli Deep Desire. Its the yummiest sour cherry fragrance I’ve ever smelled. Perfect for layering. Affordable too.

  8. Loving this content! I watched your unique fragrances video, and I was thinking about how fun it would be to see the opposite! Which fragrances do you enjoy and wear, even if they are very common or “basic”

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