Free Paper Piecing Pattern: Cardinal / Patrón Gratis de Paper Piecing de Pájaro Cardenal

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Learn how to create a beautiful Northen Cardinal Quilt Block using the Paper Piecing technique. The complete tutorial and free pattern can be found on my blog at [](

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will guide you through the process of printing and cutting the patterns, as well as selecting and sewing the fabric pieces. If you’re new to Paper Piecing, don’t worry, I will explain the method in detail.

Once all the pieces are sewn together, you will have a stunning Cardinal Quilt Block that can be used to create various projects like pillows, table runners, or even a full quilt.

For more quilting tutorials and patterns, visit my blog at [](

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[00:00] Welcome to this tutorial on creating a beautiful Northen Cardinal Quilt Block using the Paper Piecing method. To start, you will need to download and print the free pattern from my blog. Once you have the pattern, use it to cut the fabric pieces.
[00:30] I like to use color-coded pencils to mark the indicated colors for each fabric piece. This helps keep everything organized and makes the sewing process easier.
[00:45] Using the Paper Piecing method, I fold the pattern to avoid having to remove the paper after sewing. This saves time and effort.
[01:00] After sewing all the pieces together, I end up with a set of beautifully pieced fabric units. If you’re new to Paper Piecing, it may seem confusing at first, but with practice, it becomes easier.
[01:30] Before moving to the next step, I trim the fabric pieces to the correct size using a rotary cutter and a patchwork ruler. Always remember to leave a quarter-inch seam allowance.
[01:45] Now that all the fabric units are ready, it’s time to start assembling the Cardinal Quilt Block. By following the sewing lines indicated on the pattern, I sew the units together.
[02:00] Adding a pin at the intersection of the seam lines helps align the pieces accurately. Once the first units are sewn together, I repeat the process with the remaining units.
[02:30] After sewing all the fabric units, I remove the paper templates to make it easier to press the seams. This allows for a crisp and neat finish.
[02:45] I recommend pressing the seams to one side for a smooth quilting process. Taking the time to press the seams properly will enhance your final result.
[03:00] And now, you have your finished Cardinal Quilt Block! This versatile block can be used to create various projects, such as cushions or table runners. Let your creativity guide you!
[03:15] Thank you for joining me in this tutorial. If you enjoyed it and would like to access more free patterns and tutorials, visit my blog, where you can find the complete step-by-step tutorial. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share this video to support my channel. Follow me on Instagram for more quilting inspiration. Happy quilting!

#Quilting #Patchwork
Como hacer un bloque para tus quilts con un Pájaro Cardenal con el método del Paper Piecing Patterns
El tutorial completo y el patrón gratis los puedes encontrar en el blog
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How to make the Northen Cardinal Paper Piecing Pattern, you can download the free pattern on my blog!
The full step by step tutorial is on my blog in English
Thanks so much for watching and sharing my video!
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