From Extinction to Paper: The Revival of an Avian through Artistic Expression

# Paper Birds: Recreating Extinct Species with Lee Jae-hyeok

Prepare to be amazed by Lee Jae-hyeok, an extraordinary artist who specializes in creating paper birds of extinct animal species. In this video, he shares his passion for paper art, his love for winged creatures, and his unique approach to recreating extinct bird species.

With a collection of recordable paper, Lee brings back to life extinct birds, telling their pretty hapless stories. His paper artwork includes the Stephen Island Wren, a Gallirallus wakensis, and many other beautiful birds, each with its unique history.

Making paper feathers, Lee shows how he meticulously attaches them to each part of the body to obtain a realistic representation. Wrinkle papers are used to save the texture and keep the color as real as possible. For Lee, the beauty of a bird is in its colors and combinations—the more complex, the better.

A committed paper artist, Lee works tirelessly, making the same species 3 or 4 times since he first made them. His ultimate goal is to create a zoo without animals, but with paper birds. It will represent a three-dimensional space where extinct species can find a new life.

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### Sources
– [Mr. Lee’s Blog](
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He makes feathers from paper and feathers from it to make birds.
Paper artist Lee Jae-hyeok makes birds of animal species, also extinct birds.

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