From Hair Loss to Traya Hair Regrowth: My Honest Opinion on 1 Month Progress Update

**Are you tired of hair loss and thinning hair?** Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this video, I’ll be sharing my personal journey from hair loss to thicker and fuller hair.

After trying various solutions, I decided to give Traya Hair Regrowth Solution a shot. In this video, I’ll be reviewing the results after using Traya for one month and giving you an honest opinion on my progress.

If you’re interested in trying Traya products, I highly recommend purchasing them through this link [Traya Hair Regrowth Solution]( to save 20% of your hard-earned money.

During my hair regrowth journey, I incorporated several additional products into my daily routine that have genuinely helped in saving my hair. Here are the ones I recommend and have made videos about:

– [Man Matters Derma Roller](
– [Minoxidil](
– [Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice](

In addition to my hair care routine, I also wanted to share the tech products I use on a daily basis:

– [Boat Headphones](
– [Logitech Mouse](
– [Logitech Keyboard](
– [Mac Book Pro M1](
– [Sigma Lens](
– [Canon 250D](
– [Sennheiser Microphone](

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Are you tired of hair loss and thinning hair? I am too. I have decided to try Traya Hair Regrowth Solution to get back my thick hair.

Join me on my journey from hair loss to thicker and fuller hair.

In this video I will review Traya for Hair regrowth after 1 Month and my Progress Update using Traya, I will be sharing My Honest Opinion with you and will also share the products I used to go from hair loss to Thicker Hair

If you are planning to purchase Traya products I would highly recommend you to purchase from the below link which will really help you to save 20% of your hard-earned money –

Below are the products that I have been using on a daily basis which have genuinely helped me a lot in saving my hair, I have also made videos on the topics. You should definitely check them out.

Man Matters Derma Roller –
Minoxidil –
Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Care Juice –

Tech Products that I use
Boat Headphones –
Logitech Mouse –
Logitech Keyboard –
Mac Book Pro M1 –
Sigma Lens –
Canon 250D –
Sennheiser Microphone –
For Music, I use Artlist –

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  1. mere stage 2 mai hai but jo temples mai baal jhad chuke h waha pe baby hairs hain chote chote… kya wo dermaroller se badh sakte hain? aur castor oil + rosemary oil

  2. Mujhe 10 yrs ho gaye hair loss hote hote ab to sub chale gaye main 10 yrs s hi minoxidil use kr rahi hu nhi aaye baal mere ab log mere videos par gande comments karte h like takli, ganji , takli auntie, bura lagta h yar…😢

  3. Don't waste your time and money. I lost my hair at crown region at the age of 19. I started shaving my head when I was 21. Now, I'm 26 and I'm comfortably fine with my head and how it looks.

    Dekho, jaise capitalism ladkio ki insecurities ko tap in karke unse chemicals use karvata hai, vese hum mardo ko nahi karna chaiye.

    Accept who you are. If you are confident enough, what others think does not matter.
    People forget after two minutes.

    Yes, people still send me WhatsApp forward with home remedies and all that. You just need to develop a thick skin.

    Portrayal of bald men in Indian cinema has led to this insecurity that we all face.

    I've been to many countries, no one gives a shit about my bald head but in India, kids will call you taklu uncle etc. Just be a man.

  4. They don't give what they advertise. The most crucial part of their advertisement is their personal hair coach on seeing that I purchased the product for one month. I booked a call more than three times on different days but still did not receive any call or expert advice personally meant for me. They give all customers general prescriptions and dietary advice, just like any other hair and beauty brand. We can't even call to customer care number and speak to them. Only robotic chat is the available option so that they are safe. Never ever fall into the advertisement of these fraud people. An people will call you from front office saying that they are your personal coach, but they are

  5. its been 4months since i started using traya I did see some changes like my hair shedding reduced still there is some shedding in some area i talked to coach they told that its becuz of shedding cycle it will grow back and still continuing my journey lets see what happens ill add comments if i see changes

  6. Mai apne experience batata hu.. Bhut hi gandi dandruff problem thi 9th class se sclap pe jam ti thi.. Abi 31 years ka hu.. 2 months pehle maine natural mehndi lgani shuru ki hai.. Trust me bilkul dandruff saff hai ab meri.. Free ka ilaz hai je… Koi read kre toh comment krna contact number de duga apna baat kr sakte ho… Mehndi natural wali

  7. This is not only a fraud company with fraud therapy. I am using this therapy from last seven months even its cause adverse effect to my hairs. Beware of this type of fraud.

  8. I have seen many review of Tyara and all are like Abhi toh recently use karna try kiya hai .. toh bhai review bananiki itni jaldi kya thi ? Bank mein cheque pending pada hai kya 😂

  9. I was using minoxidil with 0.1 % finestride….almost sex drive khtm hi ho gyi thi after 3-4 months…. now I'm only using minoxidil and my sex drive is back to normal

  10. No matter what you do , nothing can hold it ,at last you are going to give up and you go for a hair transplant , sorry to say that this is harsh truth all the time your focus is on the hair that shit !

  11. हमें trya कोई 6महीने यूज़ किया लेकिन अभी तक जो हमें रिजल्ट आना था उतना नहीं आया है

  12. Bhaiya bahut baal jhad rahe hai baal bhi patle ho gaye hai ..scalp bhi dikhta hai abhi 2 din pahle hi mai 20 ka ho gaya hu …aur mere papa chacha dada mama nana kisi ke baal nhi jhade hai …mai kya karu 😢😢 sir me bahut itching hoti hai aur dandruff bhi hai .. ..mai kya karu plzz reply

  13. Please create one exercise video you do for hair growth with time added so that we can follow the same process every morning

    BTW you are the honest youtuber with no marketing gimmicks
    Bow to your work bro❤

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