From Trimming to Finish: Creating a Neriage Tumbler

# Making Marbled Stoneware Tumblers with the Neriage Technique: From Trimming to Firing/Finishing

Looking to create beautiful marbled stoneware tumblers? Look no further than this video from Saori Matsushita (IG@saorimstoneware). In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to make these stunning pieces from start to finish.

Using the Neriage technique, you’ll begin by wedging together colored clays before shaping and molding them into tumblers using a potter’s wheel. From there, you’ll trim, glaze, and fire your tumblers in an electric kiln using a Skutt KM-714.

But the process doesn’t end there. In this video, Saori Matsushita shows you how to finish your tumblers to perfection, creating beautiful pieces that are perfect for everyday use or a special occasion.

Plus, if you’re interested in purchasing your own marbled stoneware tumblers, you can visit Saori Matsushita’s website at []( for a range of stunning options.

## Video Transcript

[00:00:00] Welcome to my studio! Today, I’m going to show you how to make marbled stoneware tumblers using the Neriage technique. First, we’re going to take colored clays and wedge them together to create a beautiful marbled pattern.

[00:00:15] Then, we’ll shape the clay on the potter’s wheel into tumblers. After shaping, we’ll trim the bottoms to give them a clean finish.

[00:00:25] Next, we’ll use mason stain to add color to the inside of the cups. Once the cups are glazed, we’ll fire them in an electric kiln using a Skutt KM-714.

[00:00:38] After firing, we’ll finish the tumblers to perfection, making them smooth and ready for use.

[00:00:45] And there you have it! Beautiful marbled stoneware tumblers using the Neriage technique.

Are you inspired to try this technique for yourself? Don’t forget to visit Saori Matsushita’s website at []( to see her stunning collection of marbled stoneware tumblers.

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Making marbled stoneware tumblers in pottery using the Neriage technique. In this video, the process from trimming to firing/finishing is filmed. Made by Saori Matsushita (IG@saorimstoneware)

*The pieces that are currently available for pre-order in my online store use a different glaze for the inside of the cup, unlike the piece seen in the video.

Music: Oh Darlin’ / Song by The Hunts’

You can pre-order this item from my website.
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