GALANNI Interviews Tash Oakley on the Trendsetting Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia SS 2014/2015

**Tash Oakley Interviews GALANNI at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney**

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia! In this exclusive interview, Tash Oakley sits down with designers Lena and Catherine from GALANNI at Carriageworks, Sydney. Discover the latest trends and behind-the-scenes insights from one of Australia’s most anticipated fashion events.

Celebrating 10 Years: GALANNI’s Debut Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Join us as we take a closer look at GALANNI’s highly anticipated 10th-anniversary collection, making its debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia! This year, the talented designers are taking their craftsmanship and intricate work to new heights. Prepare to be mesmerized by a stunning array of high-end red-carpet gowns that seamlessly merge the best of both worlds – elegance and sensuality.

Embrace the Power of the Female Silhouette: GALANNI’s Design Philosophy

GALANNI’s creative journey begins with a deep appreciation for the female form. Every stitch and detail is meticulously crafted to accentuate a woman’s strength, beauty, and confidence. Through their designs, GALANNI aims to empower women, allowing them to embody a sense of strength and elegance that resonates from within. Experience the transformative power of GALANNI’s dresses, designed to make you look and feel extraordinary.

Behind the Scenes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia: GALANNI’s Preparation

Curious about what it takes to prepare for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia? In this interview, Lena and Catherine share their excitement and gratitude for the incredible team that supported them on this journey. From the hectic moments to the calm ones, GALANNI’s first show at fashion week has been a remarkable experience that they are truly grateful for.

Words to Live By: GALANNI’s Motto

For GALANNI, uniqueness and authenticity are core values that guide their creative process. Embrace your individuality, stay true to yourself, and live life to the fullest – that’s GALANNI’s motto. Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with pursuing your dreams, just as these talented designers have.

From Sydney to Greece: GALANNI’s Inspiring Heritage

Though based in Sydney, GALANNI draws inspiration from their rich heritage in Greece. This fusion of cultures infuses their designs with a captivating blend of European elegance and modern aesthetics. Experience the magic of GALANNI’s campaigns, where Sydney’s iconic landmarks meet the essence of European fashion.

Don’t miss this captivating interview with GALANNI and Tash Oakley at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Get ready to be inspired by exquisite designs, expert craftsmanship, and a celebration of femininity. Join us for an unforgettable fashion experience that merges the worlds of high fashion and empowerment.

Official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia YouTube Channel

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Tash Oakley interviews GALANNI at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia at Carriageworks, Sydney. The Official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia YouTube channel provides extensive coverage of runway shows from Australia including AJE, ALEX PERRY, ALICE MCCALL, AURELIO COSTARELLA, BEC & BRIDGE, BY JOHNNY, CHRISTOPHER ESBER, ELLERY, GINGER & SMART, JAYSON BRUNSDON, MATICEVSKI, MICHAEL LO SORDO, PHOENIX KEATING, ROMANCE WAS BORN and WE ARE HANDSOME.Hayley Elsaesser

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