Gloria Coelho Fall-Winter Collection

**Title:** Exclusive Fashion Show in Campo Grande | Glória Coelho Winter Collection 2013 | + Estilo

**Description:** Welcome to + Estilo! Join us as we take you behind the scenes of an exclusive fashion event in Campo Grande featuring the renowned fashion designer, Glória Coelho. In this video, we interview AML, the brand’s director, who spills all the details about the highly-anticipated Winter Collection 2013.

> Watch the video here: [link to the video]

**Transcript Highlights:**

– Discover the elegance of Campo Grande’s stylish women as they attend a glamourous fashion show by Glória Coelho.
– Unveiling a collection that is characterized by its minimalistic approach and timeless color palette.
– Featuring a stunning range of asymmetrical designs, intricate lacework, and unique digital prints.
– Explore the brand’s signature style through breathtaking creations made with exquisite attention to detail.
– Don’t miss this opportunity to see the latest trends from São Paulo Fashion Week Winter 2013, brought directly to Campo Grande.
– Get an exclusive look at the brand’s flagship items, including their highly sought-after party dresses.
– Experience the excitement and anticipation of the local audience as they eagerly await this spectacular event.
– Check out our blog [+ Estilo](link to blog post) for more exclusive content, including amazing photos and a special video message from Glória Coelho herself.

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Gloria Coelho

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