Gloria Coelho talks about Quantum at Casa Cor RS

#### A Fashion Icon meets Architecture: Gloria Coelho talks about the new Dell Anno design

Renowned fashion designer Gloria Coelho, an icon in the Brazilian fashion industry, recently made a stop in Porto Alegre for an exciting talk show with the press. The venue? The Dell Anno exhibition space at Casa Cor.

During her interview with Programa ImóvelWeb TV, from Band RS, Gloria shared insights about the inspiration behind Dell Anno’s latest surface design, the Quantum.

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In the interview, Gloria delves into the link between architecture and fashion. She explains how her signature style has not only left an indelible mark on the fashion world, but has now made its impact in architecture as well.

The Quantum, a surface design by Dell Anno, caught our attention with its unique binary number pattern. Gloria Coelho shares her creative process behind this striking design – using a scandinavian wood base, she expanded the pattern by writing countless binary numbers. This pattern signifies love, happiness, peace, and joy, and serves as a protector of the words written within the numbers.

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Gloria Coelho emphasizes how fashion and architecture go hand in hand, just as a well-fitted outfit reflects our personality, a thoughtfully designed space reflects our lifestyle. Architects, like fashion designers, strive to create spaces that cater to the clients’ needs and preferences, ensuring maximum comfort and functionality.

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During the interview, the talented team at HD Interiores, also hosted Gloria Coelho in a specially designed suite, where she could experience firsthand the connection between fashion and architecture. Unfortunately, the recently launched Dell Anno Quantum design was not available at the time. However, a stunning wardrobe piece, designed by Dell Anno, was accompanied by one of Gloria Coelho’s elegant dresses – a perfect representation of the minimalistic and sophisticated approach both in fashion and architecture.

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Discover all this and more in our interview with Gloria Coelho, as we dive deep into the fusion of fashion and architecture. Don’t miss out on this engaging conversation that sheds light on the creative process of two interconnected artistic worlds.

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A estilista esteve em Porto Alegre para um talk show com a imprensa, em um dos ambientes da Dell Anno na Casa Cor.
Gloria foi entrevistada pelo Programa ImóvelWeb TV, da Band RS e falou um pouco sobre a inspiração do novo design de superfície da Dell Anno, o Quantum.
Gloria Coelho

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