Going Back to the Basics: Lesson 1 in Free Motion Quilting

**FMQ Basics: Understanding Your Sewing Machine and Mastering Free Motion Quilting**

Welcome to our new series on free motion quilting basics! In this video, Jeanne Harrison will guide you through the fundamentals of free motion quilting and help you gain a deeper understanding of your sewing machine. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, this series covers everything from how your sewing machine forms stitches to setting tensions and more. It’s time to get back to the basics and take your quilting skills to the next level!

To start off, it’s important to have a clean machine. Jeanne recommends using a lint brush to remove any lint build-up, but advises against using canned air as it can push the debris further into your machine. Keeping your machine clean will ensure optimal performance.

Next, let’s talk about the importance of setting machine tensions. Before you start quilting, it’s crucial to preset the tension by using the same fabric and batting that you’ll be using in your project. Jeanne demonstrates how to test the tension and make adjustments to achieve the desired results. By properly adjusting your tension, you’ll prevent issues like loose stitches and ensure a balanced stitch on both sides of your quilt.

Another key aspect of free motion quilting is understanding the role of your sewing machine needle and foot. Jeanne explains how the foot works in conjunction with the needle bar to create perfect stitches. A specific free motion quilting foot is essential for allowing the foot to move up and down, enabling you to create beautiful quilting designs.

Throughout the video, Jeanne addresses common tension problems and provides solutions for fixing them. She also mentions the differences between domestic home machines and sit-down quilting machines, including variations in bobbin size and tension adjustment methods. By understanding these differences, you’ll be better equipped to troubleshoot any tension issues that may arise.

Whether you’re just starting your free motion quilting journey or want to enhance your existing skills, this video series is a valuable resource. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group, “SIT DOWN FREE MOTION QUILTERS with Jeanne Harrison,” where you can connect with fellow quilters and share your progress. Get ready to dive into the world of free motion quilting and unlock your creativity like never before!

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We’re going back to the basics in order that you totally understand what’s happening with your machine as you’re stitching, how your foot works, how the machine forms stitches, the importance of your needle, setting tensions and so much more. This will be a continuing series. There will be a workbook available for this series and is only available at our Facebook group SIT DOWN FREE MOTION QUILTERS with Jeanne Harrison. We’d love to see you there and show us what you’re learning!Hilary MacMillan

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  1. Incredible video! I have been sewing on a home machine for 40+ years and have learned a TON of new things with this video! I've just ordered a new needle plate for my older machine and am confident that will help with some of the issues I'm having. Thank you so much for your very detailed information.

  2. Just joined your Facebook last month and now found your videos. Omg
    thank you for this lesson. What great things I learned. I just subscribed.
    Going on to lesson two now😊

  3. Thank you Jeanne. What an outstanding lesson! I've been sewing for over 50 years and here you taught so much very good information that I never knew. Especially about how the bobbin and the Needle works together….and all that great information about the needle. Wow! I'm so grateful this.

  4. Wonderful video Jeanne! This is the best explanation of the basics about machines that I've seen! Every beginner should view this! Thank you so much for making and posting this video!!

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